Puppy sleeps with one eye open because of panic that the one who hurt her so much will come back someday

When a dog suffers neglect and abuse, it is not only necessary to heal his or her physical wounds but also emotional ones, which can take a long time to heal until he or she trusts people again and understands that everything will be all right.

Sadly, there are many dogs that suffer harsh treatment leaving sequels that become ghosts.

This is the story of Pani, an adorable dog who had a hard time starting over after suffering so much.

This poor dog’s past left some marks that are difficult to erase.

Pani came to a rescue group in the United States, who received a call from a puppy coming from Iran. The staff knew that the little ball of fur had suffered a fractured spine, so she was paralyzed, but they didn’t have much more information about her past.

As soon as Pani arrived, she was moved to her new home with her mother, a young girl named Tedi.

Although the little dog was exhausted she refused to fall asleep.

The young woman was cautious throughout as she noticed that the new member of her family was very shy.

Quickly, she realized that sweet Pani trusted no one. Spending her whole life on the streets people were not very nice to her, so now she was not very receptive.

When she tried to rest she made sure to keep one eye open.

It was very difficult for the dog to understand that she was already safe, despite all her mother’s attempts, Pani could not relax and stayed awake 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

As much as the little dog wanted to sleep and rest, something in her would not allow her to do so, she panicked about falling asleep and having the ghosts of the past come back to haunt her.

Strengthening her muscles and having her confidence was the most important thing for Tedi.

So Tedi did everything she could to gain the puppy’s trust so that she could rest as much as she deserved.

She enrolled her in physical therapy to help her not only increase her mobility but to help her regain her confidence.

Although the dog had some limitations, this did not slow her down and she learned to enjoy every second in the water.

The wheelchair and physical therapy helped her through this difficult process.

She also got her own wheelchair so she could run like any other dog, once she became an expert Pani didn’t want to stop using it, this gave her back her confidence.

While the beautiful little dog had made great strides, she still struggled not to fall asleep.

After three long months Pani was finally able to fall soundly asleep.

It is possible that she had some bad experience while sleeping that caused her great fear.

So Tedi had to manage to get the sweet little dog to lie down at the foot of the bed and rest for the first time in a long time for at least a few minutes.

Finally, Pani trusted humans again and knows she is safe

It was a matter of time before Pani understood that even sleeping, everything would be okay.

With a lot of patience but above all infinite love, his mother managed to get her little ball of fur to sleep peacefully on his back, the most vulnerable position for a puppy.

Love can do anything when you do things from the heart.

All her effort was worth it, Pani finally found a way to rest, and what better way to have sweet dreams than being guarded by the one who loves her so much.

Infinite thanks to all the rescue groups and to those wonderful beings who become angels for the most vulnerable dogs. Only who loves a pet knows true love, adopts and transforms a life.

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