Puppy sobs at the sight of the painted portrait of his recently deceased baby brother

A puppy can be one of the most sensitive and emotional creatures. They love with all their heart’s strength, that’s why when life takes away the ones they adore, their soul is broken into a thousand pieces, and it’s very hard for them to cope.

Our furry friends are very special beings, nobody can deny that they have a heart full of love… They are really adorable. When we have a puppy at home life is much more joyful and charming, there are always anecdotes to tell and remember.

A furry friend is one of the family and what happens to him affects everyone in the household, the physical farewell of a puppy is a pain that overwhelms with sadness all his loved ones, including his canine siblings.

This little dog missed his little canine brother who had just crossed the rainbow bridge.

This is what happened to Frank, a beautiful puppy who has felt the absence of Smiff, who sadly passed away leaving a void in his family.

Smiff and Frank lived in Cwmbran, Wales, they spent their entire lives sharing hundreds of adventures, the care and love of their mom, Libby Davey.

They were truly an inseparable duo, until last month, when Smiff passed away leaving an indescribable void in the entire family.

Frank’s days without his brother, Smiff, started to become absolutely sad and meaningless, and although his mom encouraged him to play and take relaxing walks, his moods didn’t give him the strength to do anything.

Unfortunately, there was not much his human mom could do for him, it was a process of acceptance that the little dog had to go through on his own. However, the woman wanted to do something special to help him through his grieving process.

Libby had the idea of having a painting made of her late puppy to keep his memory in their hearts.

The portrait was sent to an artist named Tina Muir, who put all her professionalism into the painting by making a beautiful replica of Smiff’s photograph. When it was ready, she hung it on one of the walls of her home.

But, she never imagined that Smiff’s portrait would be as meaningful to her beloved little dog Frank as it was to her.

Sadly, sweet Smiff departed this world, but no one has forgotten him, especially his brother Frank.

This adorable pup’s reaction to seeing his deceased brother’s portrait has touched hundreds of hearts.

There’s no doubt that he missed him too much!

The woman did not hesitate to record Frank’s reaction, which has left everyone with a shy smile on his face accompanied with a lump in his throat.

The poor little dog sobbed a little at being able to “see” his brother again, but after a few seconds, he sniffed the image and wagged his tail happily knowing that although Smiff would not be present in body, he would be in their hearts and memories.

“I think Frank knows it’s a painting of his brother,” said Libby.

What a touching reaction, and then they say dogs don’t have feelings!

Much has been heard that it is not those who leave this world who die, but those who are forgotten, and Smiff’s spirit has not left this family who loved him so much.

Smiff remains in the hearts and minds of his loved ones, this portrait made it clear that Smiff was not completely gone. The new painting simply captured Frank’s attention.

It is true that nothing and no one can bring Smiff back, but it is clear that his loving memory will live forever in the hearts of Libby and Frank.

Here we leave you the video that shows us the emotional reaction of the adorable Frank, be sure to watch it:

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