Puppy spends a week crying for help from the bottom of a manhole

The cry of a puppy will always be the most heartbreaking and heart-wrenching thing for many. Especially for those who love and respect these innocent creatures and would do anything to spare them any suffering.

Fortunately, there are people who are angels disguised as humans with a big heart always ready to help, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable.

Stormy is a beautiful little dog with a gleam in her eye full of gratitude after being rescued. She accidentally fell into the city’s sewer system.

The poor little dog spent a week crying in anguish begging for help.

The cries of this little dog could be heard through the windows of the sewers arranged in the streets for drainage.

The helpless creature definitely had to have a hard time, not even knowing if her cries would ever be loud enough to be heard. But in the midst of her grief and defeat, she would not give up.

She would fight to be noticed by bringing out her loudest voice to be heard.

This unfortunate incident happened in the pipelines of the state of San Diego in the United States.

The rescue personnel knew that getting Stormy out of there was a very difficult job, there were miles and miles of subway pipes, so any wrong move during the operations implied a risk of sending the puppy into the abyss.

This puppy had been there for a week and people could hear her in specific places howling and crying.

You can’t imagine how much the poor thing must have suffered.

This puppy let everyone know that she was there crying and begging for help and that she wouldn’t stop trying.

However, many question and point fingers at every neighbor who passed by and was able to listen to her. Why did they have to wait 8 days to get her out of that dangerous and inhospitable place?

It seems that this little dog had her own angel watching over her every second, until help came just in time.

That’s how the rescue team set to work to find a way to get her out of there. The first step was to gather information and design a perfect plan so as not to make the slightest mistake.

The main concern was to keep her secured and isolated.

“We knew there was a vault at the end of the line that had no exit to another pipe and the goal was to get her there,” said one of the rescue volunteers.

Babs did a phenomenal job trying to get through the holes so they could control the rescue operation.

The team used balloons that they then inflated once they were inside the pipes.

They also hired a specialist camera agency to try to guide the little dog into the exit vault.

Stormy was one more life to save and anything that could be done for her was too little for these heroes

When the sensor was already on the floor of the pipes, they were all very happy and started to guide the little dog by gently pushing her from behind making her advance little by little to the exit vault.

Finally she reached the place prepared by the rescuers to take her out of the pipes.

Once there the staff went down to tranquilize her and then bring her up.

The look on this little dog’s face really spoke for itself, she could not believe that she was already free, that she was out of those endless pipes.

Immediately, she was taken to the center for evaluation and to confirm if she had a chip with information about her family, but sadly she did not.

Her recovery was satisfactory.

She is now a very happy and grateful dog, and they are looking for a loving home where she will be cared for so that she never has to go through such a scare again. Her heroes deserve all the applause.

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