Puppy survives and recovers, surprising veterinarians after being left in a bag

A puppy is that unconditional friend that will always be there to cheer us up, rejoice us with their loyalty and show us the purest love.

However, for some people these beautiful beings can seem like a burden, far from thinking that there are always options if you can no longer or do not want your doggy around, they choose to abandon them and give them the worst treatment until almost causing them the worst end.

Doggy on the verge of death enjoys a second chance.

Although the cruelty of some people and the constant need to treat animals badly never ceases to amaze us, we deeply believe that there are many more good-hearted people who are committed to animal welfare and fight for their lives to pass in total harmony.

This is one of those stories that begins in a bitter way and wrinkles our heart to know that a little dog suffered so much, but fortunately, earthly angels appeared and did everything possible to save his life.

The little dog was abandoned in a black bag, thrown in the middle of the road as if he were garbage, he was badly beaten, seriously injured. Evidently whoever did this to him left him with the full intention that he should die.

The incident occurred in Transylvania, Romania, stirring up all the animal activists and advocates who quickly joined forces to save the helpless little dog.

When his rescuers found him, one of his paws was badly injured, he had a severe fracture, his fur was very sensitive, he also had some lacerations that if not treated in time, could become infected and worsen his situation.

Malnutrition and dehydration were evident, but her will to live was greater, so she fought like a champion.

He was now fighting for his life and trusting in the new people who were saving him.

The puppy was rushed to an animal welfare center in Transylvania, where he received veterinary medical care from the best professionals in the field.

After several tests, the veterinarians confirmed that he had a severe brain injury. His diagnosis was quite delicate but they were not ready to give up.

He was breathing, and as long as his heart was beating the veterinary clinic staff would struggle to stabilize his vital signs. Helen Taylor, who became his primary custodian, said of the matter:

“It is assumed that this little doggie was severely mistreated, trying to take his life.”

His caretakers decided to name him Anora, which means “Light”. To them, this brave little dog had an inner strength and a spirit of survival that encouraged him to stay alive.

It was not a quick process, much less a simple one, there were moments with many ups and downs when his caregivers thought they had lost him, but Anora’s light was still on and little by little he gained strength until he shone like never before and made a full recovery.

All this was possible thanks to the care and endless love he received from the veterinary clinic staff. When his health was established, he was transferred to the United Kingdom, where a family was waiting for him who, without knowing him, already loved him and was anxious to give him the best years of his life.

Helen Taylor is his foster mother, she scheduled an operation to improve his paw injury, fortunately, it was a success and Anora recovered much sooner than everyone expected.

Anora has become a brave little dog, he loves to run everywhere, he is strong but above all, very loving. His life changed completely and forever.

She went from being on the verge of death, to enjoying a loving and completely happy life with a real family.

This beautiful furry soul enjoys a new opportunity thanks to someone who decided to be an instrument of light and love in his life, Adoptta!


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