Puppy tired of his lameness, was saved and jumped into a canal to avoid further suffering

A homeless puppy who was tired of wandering with his pain wandered into a muddy water stream, we don’t know if it was by mistake or he was just tired of carrying all his sorrows. Luckily, a group of rescuers were alerted and arrived in time to prevent any misfortune.

The change that the little dog has undergone is touching and that is why we bring you his story.

His name is Snappily, which means fast in English. His rescuers decided to call him that way because of the promptness with which the animal stole their hearts. This canine was submerged in muddy water, apparently he had been trapped in the place after falling “by mistake” and could not get out.

It turns out that Snappily, besides being weak and dehydrated, had injured his hind legs, which further hindered his escape from the place where he had fallen.

The dog was reported by a Samaritan to the volunteers who decided not to waste a minute and went to help him. When they arrived they saw the furry dog resigned, it seemed that he no longer had the strength to continue and, although at first they did not understand him, they decided to save him.

Once one of the rescuers had him in his hands, he noticed that something was wrong. One of his paws was injured and it was obviously causing him a lot of pain.

The little dog was limping to get around.

After being taken out of the pond, the animal received medical help: an exploratory check-up to determine its condition and later it underwent an X-ray.

Unfortunately, both hind legs were very compromised and the quickest solution to end his pain was to amputate them. Thus began a difficult but less painful path for him.

The little dog who had resigned himself to die, now had to cling to life and continue.

Something that surprised the rescuers who acted in this case was the animal’s stillness from the first moment he was found. When pulled out of the well, the puppy did not show nervousness, but neither did he show happiness and the same during his consultation.

In fact, the volunteers believed that he would not have the strength to get ahead because he seemed very resigned and indifferent to life.

But the dog showed them the opposite.

Before the dog was operated on, the specialists tried orthopedic boots and rehabilitation to help his limbs get stronger. That path was obviously longer, but it gave Chico, as he was named after the first stage of his rescue, one more hope for his life.

As it turned out, the amputation was not necessary and the therapies helped him to pull through. But none of that would have been possible if the animal hadn’t done his part.

The little dog learned that he had a great reason to fight.

Chico’s recovery took months and a lot of dedication on the part of his caregivers. Chico became one of the shelter’s darlings and managed to gain the appreciation of other canines at the shelter as well.

Although he went through a dark process in his life, Chico’s heart shone again and his eyes sparkle with love. Nothing to do with that sad and resigned little dog they found that afternoon in the canal.

Now the dog has a beautiful coat and is a great companion for the children. The little ones who visit the shelter usually have a lot of fun with C hico, because he is a calm and loving dog. Now the animal knows that life is not as gray as he thought and that there are people who are always willing to help him.

We hope that Chico finds a beautiful home soon, because he deserves it.

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