Puppy waits for 6 years for the person he loves most in the place where he last saw him

Six years ago, Angel lost his owner and since then he was living in the train station of Martin Coronado, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was there waiting for the return of the person who had cared for him and loved him all his life.

The dog accompanied his owner every day to the station, where he took the train to go to work. But 6 years ago he did not return, as he died of a heart attack. And Angel stayed waiting for him.

Although many of the people who worked there, frequent passengers and associations tried to help the dog, he had a very difficult time.

Angel accompanied his owner to the train station every day.

For a long time, the company Metrovías, the train concessionaire, wanted to remove him for “disturbing the passengers who usually took the train”.

In spite of this, the faithful pet did not give up and with the help of the citizens managed to stay there, together with other dogs that prowled the station and are called “Los Coronaditos”.

Romina Ríos, member of the protectionist group and one of the people in charge of taking care of the dogs in the station, denounced to a local media that Metrovías was getting rid of the feeding and drinking troughs, with water and food, left by the people to feed the dogs.

“We know that Metrovías was throwing away water and food containers and blankets.

We have no problem in taking care of the animals, but we are counting on the railway company to allow us to do it someday, the important thing is to eradicate all kinds of animal abuse”, denounced Romina.

The puppy had been waiting 6 years for its owner to return.

Angel became loved by many of those who watched his wait, especially by gendarmes patrolling the platform, who adopted him as a companion in their daily routine.

However, another intimate bond was being woven. Angel and Rabito, another dog who adopted the train station as his home. The two were inseparable.

Although everything seemed to get better for Ángel, two pieces of news hit him again, Rabito died suddenly and the gendarmes who were taking care of him were transferred to another section.

Martín Coronado’s neighbors tried to find him a home so that he would no longer be sad, but they were unsuccessful. And when his story became more and more public, the gendarmes who were taking care of him asked for permission to adopt him. And they were granted permission.

Now he has a new lease on life thanks to two Gendarmerie officers.

This is how Ángel formally became part of the Argentine military force. He already has his new home in Campo de Mayo, where Carlos and Miriam, who took care of him on the platform, brought him even his blankets.

The Gendarmerie veterinarian checked him and vaccinated him: “He spent the night very well, sleeping in a bed and watching TV”. After so many years sleeping in the open, between the tracks, he will now receive more care than he ever dreamed of.

Angel has a home again.

According to what they said, he will live with other dogs, but he will not spend any time in the kennels, “he will be left in freedom, a fully free life. Our dogs live in kennels because they have specific functions”.

But not everything will be games and delicious meals, Angel will also have to study. Because in addition to a new home and a new family, the little dog now has a university future.

Claudia, another veterinarian of the force, has already assigned him a task, “the gendarmes go to the training school of the UBA and must take a dog, so he will go to the university courses”, for that, Gendarmerie was waiting for him with his dog uniform ready.

Now he will go to the university representing the military force.

And the national force communicated it through its official page on its social network:

“Personnel of our Force, integrated by 1st Alf Koziuk (Veterinary Doctor) and Corporal Aquino (General Scale, Auxiliary Canine Guide, specialty search for people) and Corporal Dominguez (Technical Support Scale, Veterinary Auxiliary, specialty dog trainer) were present and adopted this sociable ? that since this noon lives in Region I”.

For her part, Romina showed her joy with the decision of the Gendarmerie: “We knew better than anyone that Angel feels devotion for the gendarmes, I myself could see Angel’s joy when he saw them again”.

Angel is a demonstration to the world that the loyalty of a dog is incomparable. We have much to learn from these animals.

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