Puppy who feared people and cried when touched is saved

A little Chihuahua dog that reacted in fear when humans approached her finally received the help she needed. Her health condition was very delicate and she had suffered so much that she did not trust people, which made it difficult for rescuers to offer her help and affection.

They knew that they had to work so that she would be able to trust people again, recovering from the wounds of the past that only allowed her to know the worst side of humanity.

All the dogs that survive on the street constantly face the indifference and insensitivity of many people who unfortunately have no empathy for their pain. Meanwhile, these poor little animals struggle to meet their basic needs amidst many risks that threaten their health and well-being.

Most stray dogs live in a state of constant anxiety and stress, on the streets, totally helpless, every day is a challenge.

So survived this little Chihuahua dog who had so many physical injuries and wounds in her heart that every time a person approached her she felt completely threatened.

Her name is Bruna and she was wandering the streets of Tampico, Mexico, and one only had to look at her to see that her health was severely affected.

Some residents of the area where the dog frequented decided to help her to save her life, but they did not know how to approach her because she reacted very frightened. It was not easy to gain her trust.

So they went to the Kokoroñi shelter to ask for help, they were warned that the dog was in very bad shape and needed immediate medical attention.

The members of the animal organization went to the place where Bruna was in order to help her, it would not be an easy rescue.

When they approached the dog, they tried to distract her in order to get her into their vehicle and transport her to a veterinary clinic.

After undergoing medical examinations, the veterinarians determined that Bruna was severely malnourished. They also diagnosed a severe skin condition that led them to believe that a hot substance had been poured on her back, she had signs of burns and had lost her fur.

The dog had also lost a large part of her teeth, her condition had deteriorated very badly, and it was evident that if she did not receive help she would have a fatal outcome.

The veterinarians who attended Bruna were very moved, their hearts broke when they saw what she had suffered. They began to administer medical treatment to help her get better despite how difficult it was to get close to her.

Even though Bruna was getting help, she still did not trust people. Her traumas prevented her from interacting normally with those around her.

Bruna would cry uncontrollably whenever anyone approached her, she felt so much fear and sadness.

“She didn’t trust people, she was terrified, she cried, tried to defend us, lost her spirits every day, we talked to her and tried to caress her, little by little we gained her trust”, said the volunteers of the Kokoroñi shelter.

But, although it was extremely difficult, they did not give up, their boundless love for animals and their vocation of service motivated them to unite all their efforts for Bruna’s recovery.

Little by little they found ways to cuddle and heal her, she began to trust her rescuers and express her love and gratitude.

The little dog could not trust anyone because she had only been made to suffer.

Bruna still expresses her fear of people she doesn’t know, so the rescuers constantly talk to her in a loving way to explain that not everyone wants to hurt her.

The only thing the rescuers want is for Bruna to completely heal the wounds that prevent her from being fully happy so that she can be adopted by a family that will give her all the love she deserves.

They are confident that the Chihuahua dog will soon be ready to go to the home of those who will watch over her well being and make her a member of the family. While that moment arrives, they will remain by her side helping her.

It is gratifying to know that there are people willing to help animals like this dog who suffer a lot. We hope that Bruna will have the happiness she has lacked for the rest of her life and that together, we will fight against the unjust treatment that these innocent beings receive.

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