Puppy who loses her babies finds comfort in protecting stuffed animals

The maternal instinct promotes great acts of love such as the fact that a dog can take care, with all her love, of puppies that are not hers, and even more surprisingly, take care of objects to try to overcome her grief at the loss of her puppies.

This is what a little furry dog recently experienced, after volunteers from the animal welfare group Viva Bichos Santos rescued her from the streets.

Perrita takes care of her toys as if they were her babies.

The little furry dog was rescued from the streets of Brazil, she was crying, scared and very weak. When she was taken to the shelter and the pertinent exams were performed, they noticed that her situation was much more delicate than it seemed.

She was pregnant, the ultrasound revealed a heartbreaking diagnosis. Through the networks the rescue center commented:

“The ultrasound claimed that one of the babies no longer had a heartbeat and the others have very weak heartbeats. She needs to go into surgery as soon as possible!”

Although she was in the best of hands, unfortunately, she was very fragile and the little dog failed to carry her babies to term.

Lovely Samantha had lost her pups, but her maternal instincts remained dormant for a long time.

After the loss of her babies, she became emotionally unstable, and her caregivers did their best to cheer her up, giving her many gifts in the hope of relieving her pain and distracting her by playing.

Far were they from imagining that what was supposed to be her channel for fun would constantly remind her of what she had lost. Through the networks Viva Bichos Santos commented:

“We threw several toys on the floor to try to get her to play, but we saw her pick them up one by one and take them to bed. Samantha adopted the toys as if they were her babies, and now she is licking them and taking care of them.”

Evidently, the little dog found the toys a sort of comfort to cope with her situation. She had so much love to give that she gave all the attention to the toys; unfortunately, she would never receive that love back.

Faced with the distressing situation, the rescuers thought to introduce her to someone who would help her channel all that love she wanted to express.

Female dogs have a highly developed maternal instinct.

Recently, a stray dog younger than Samantha had arrived at the rescue center, named Sara, who was very anxious and lonely without the presence of an adult dog to guide her.

Samantha drained all the love she felt with Sara, a puppy who helped her heal her emotional wounds.

The rescuers thought she would be the perfect companion for Samantha so they arranged a meeting with the hope that the two furries could bond and help each other heal their hearts.

This adorable little dog found toys to be a bittersweet way to cope with her situation.

Fortunately, the encounter was a success and both Samantha and Sara were able to bond so perfectly that it seemed as if they had known each other all their lives. Rescuers commented:

“And so it was that Samantha had a new daughter. Now, no more crying, just love.”

Since that genuine encounter, the two furries have been inseparable, there is no place where one is without the other. In spite of being so different, they have been able to mate and create their own world of complicity and infinite love.

Although Samantha’s body still needs some time to recover completely, thanks to Sara’s love, her heart managed to heal. Both furries are still recovering at the shelter, it is only a matter of time before their physical wounds heal completely.

We hope that when the time is right they will receive all the love they deserve in the arms of their new adoptive family. Remember that no matter a puppy’s past, they will always have a lot of love to give.

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