Puppy who lost an eye due to mistreatment, now enjoys a happy life

A little dog that was subjected to unfair treatment by her owners has moved thousands of animal lovers around the world by demonstrating her courage and will to live. Unfortunately, her story is a reflection of the cruel and deplorable behavior of some people, who mercilessly harm these noble beings causing them great physical and emotional wounds.

The dog who lost an eye now enjoys a new opportunity.


This is the story of Bubbles, a bull terrier dog who suffered at the hands of a heartless man who shot her and caused her to lose an eye and part of her jaw. As if that were not enough, the diagnosis determined that she was brutally beaten.

This beautiful dog had a past full of pain and agony, she was only six months old when she was taken in by a dog shelter in Houston, Texas.

She was only six months old when she was assaulted.

At the shelter she underwent all the necessary tests and a CAT scan that revealed in detail the trajectory of the bullet.

Unfortunately, the bullet caused serious injuries, not only did she lose her right eye and destroy part of her jaw, but it also affected her inner ear.

His recovery was slow but eventually yielded the best results.

Bubbles had to undergo a long road to recovery, but this time she was not alone, she had the support of kind and caring people who did their best to see her healthy and strong.

Kilyn Horton Blanchard and her husband, Ike Blanchard, owners of a mobile grooming service, volunteered to look after the dog’s well-being.

She is a very playful and loving dog, loving to share with children.

When they heard her story in 2017 they knew they had to do something for her. In this regard Kilyn said:

“Her right jaw joint had broken and the damaged bones had turned into a calcified lump as she healed. Bubbles could only open her mouth about an inch and a half. It’s amazing that she can eat.”

Although the couple only wanted to help the dog, her tenderness and willingness to fight for her life won them over and they eventually adopted her.

Bubbles had found a real family and continued her recovery in a home where she always received all the care she deserved.

At the time of adoption, Kilyn recalls with emotion:

“She was lying in her kennel, but the moment we opened her up she came out and buried her head in my chest and just wanted to be held.”

The story of this sweet little dog crossed borders and conquered thousands of people around the world. It took four long years of recovery but finally Bubbles is completely healthy and happy, her injuries are a thing of the past.

She is now an energetic dog who is grateful for this new opportunity, she loves to smile and wag her tail tenderly while sharing with other people.

Bubbles enjoys having all the attention.

Her foster parents urge others to adopt puppies who have been victims of a painful past. They need special care, lots of love and patience to help them come out of the shell they were submerged in.

“There’s a lot of cruelty in the world, but we want people to know that if they come across an injured or mistreated shelter dog, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re broken; sometimes they’re just scared – all they need is a little love and they have a lot to give in return,” Kilyn said.

Bubbles has become quite the celebrity, so much so that a book was written for her, a great story to encourage empathy and compassion for others.

This sweet little dog also attends many events with the goal of making more people aware that animal abuse is something real and latent in our society. Kilyn commented:

“Currently, we are trying to get her working with different animal rescue centers to spread awareness of animal cruelty, including going to schools and talking to young people about how to properly care for animals. We want to share her story but focus mainly on her future and show people that because her past may have been hard, it doesn’t have to determine her future. We also want to encourage kindness and generosity towards others.”

Like Bublles, there are many stories that concern and move us. Unfortunately, animal abuse is part of the avalanche of violence that surrounds us all as a society.

We must emphasize stopping and preventing violence against animals, raising awareness about love and respect for them is the first step.

Of course love is the best tool to combat the wounds of the past.

If we really want to combat violence, a constant struggle is necessary to eradicate the mistreatment of any living being. May our actions be the best example to reveal what dwells in our hearts.

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