Puppy with deformed face is rescued by a family who loves him just as he is

Arrow is a little dog who while he is now as happy as his videos and pictures show, his start in life was one of the most difficult and heartbreaking.

Anyone who would have seen him in his depressed state when he was just a puppy would have condemned him to certain death.

But, he never imagined that fate would send him true angels as parents who would not mind his deformity – shocking to many – and would love him just the way he is.

The little dog with the silly tongue and crooked jaw suffered a sad aggression by another dog.

Arrow arrived at the doorstep of animal rescue organization PMM Rescue Inc. when he was just a baby, in more than pitiful condition.

There they discovered that his jaw was terribly broken, which coincided with a severe bite he received from another canine. Sadly, his lower right jaw was no longer salvageable.

It was so necrotic and severely infected, it smelled like a rotting corpse. So the only option was to remove the dead bone.

The vets had no choice but to remove the entire lower right side of the jaw and also cut off part of the upper right side.

Dr. Sidhu, of Bakersfield, California, was the hero who performed Arrow’s delicate, hours-long surgery. He would not leave until he saved his life and devotedly cared for the little puppy.

Although the attack he received would leave irreversible consequences on his little face, that did not happen to his personality, totally bright and bubbly since he was little.

Five months after the operation, the puppy with a different face was the happiest he could imagine, not only because he recovered beautifully, but also because he found true love with his new family.

His story went viral thanks to a beautiful video that reveals his sad beginning, but above all, the great warrior and creature of light he became thanks to so much love that surrounded him at all times.

Arrow loves to eat, play fetch, learn new tricks, drink water while making the biggest mess….

Although, his favorite activities are snuggling, giving slobbery kisses, taking naps, sleeping a little longer in the mornings, and accompanying his parents on some long evening walks.

But, what he loves most of all, if he ever gets it, is to wake up next to his human father in his huge bed.

Regardless of his physical defect, and the limitations he may have, his family adores him like this. For, although he is now 2 years old, Arrow has never left his puppy personality behind.

He has always been active and playful at all hours of the day, and he really knows that he is the most loved in his home, he takes advantage of that and “does whatever he wants”.

“Arrow started out having the worst weeks of his life, fast forwarding to how you see him today, giving us ear-to-ear smiles, rag-tag tongue and all, but he loves life and has made our family complete,” said his owner.

Even though they are used to having to pick up the hundreds of kibbles he drops when he eats because of his crooked mouth, chasing him around the house and having to clean up after him every time he makes a mess, his owner wouldn’t trade him for anything.

The story of the beautiful Arrow is a clear example that physical appearance has nothing to do with the true value of a dog or a person. In the words of The Little Prince, nothing is as true as “What is essential is invisible to the eye”, don’t you think so?

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