Puppy with huge tumor that prevented him from walking is saved

Gilbert Grape is the name of the brave protagonist of this case, a little dog who was rescued when he was about to be put to sleep forever in a shelter.

Fortunately, his tragic end could be avoided thanks to the rescue group Tickled Pinimnk Weimaraner Rescue, who upon hearing his story did not hesitate to intervene to help him.

They were far from imagining that the puppy’s health condition was very delicate, he had a huge tumor in the lower part of his belly that prevented him from walking, he could barely stand up.

Doggy enjoys a healthy and happy life after being saved.

It is not known how he managed to survive so long in those conditions, his past is a real mystery. What there was no doubt about was that his rescuers would do everything to ease his pain.

Keri Pink media relations volunteer at Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue recounts how they saved the little dog and what his long journey of recovery was like.

“On a typical summer day in Arizona, where temperatures exceed 95 degrees, local animal control officers picked up the male Weimaraner as a stray and took him to the shelter where they euthanize dogs in the county.

He was carrying a giant, infected tumor, a mass so large he could barely stand or walk.

The dog was placed on the concrete floor of the shelter’s isolation wing, where dogs await death due to disease or aggression.”

Fortunately, two volunteers from the high-kill shelter contacted Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue who, without hesitation, came to the scene.

The puppy had a huge tumor hanging from his belly. His new caretakers took him to a veterinary clinic where he received 24-hour care.

After performing all the necessary tests, the veterinarians determined that he would need a blood transfusion, and it was also necessary to stabilize his signs through an intravenous catheter.

“The diagnosis, stabilization and surgery cost approximately $7,000.

Trying to save the dog’s life was a quick decision for the rescue volunteers and veterinary staff.

In rescue, however, there is a fine line between what an individual is expected to do to provide life-saving treatment for their animal and what a dog that has just entered rescue can and should go through.

Owners make decisions for their pets at their discretion, while rescues rely on public support.”

While the puppy’s history and exact age was unknown, they estimated that he was about seven years old.

Blood work revealed that his blood was relatively normal with the exception of white blood cells in the area of the tumor.

His rescuers knew it would not be an easy road, but they saw a special gleam in the puppy’s eye so they were willing to do anything for him.

The main thing was to raise the money to cover his expenses so they turned to the networks.

“So, we consulted several veterinarians and surgeons to make the best decision for the dog and his future.

We started a fundraiser, explained to our Facebook followers the doggie’s situation and support through financial donations started pouring in.”

Fortunately, the money was raised in record time and they scheduled an appointment for his surgery. Gilbert was not only a physically large dog, he had a heart of gold and incredible strength for surviving.

In just two days he showed great improvement so he left the hospital and was moved to a foster home.

“A week after Gilbert’s surgery, we obtained the pathology report on his tumor weighing over five kilograms, indicating that the mass was nothing more than a benign lipoma. Gilbert was declared 100% cancer free.”

During his recovery he always showed all his energy and gentleness.

“He is quite ataxic in the hind legs and has very little muscle mass anywhere. His center of gravity is off and he stumbles when he walks.”

Eventually, he will spend the rest of his life being very loved.

A year after his rescue this adorable ball of fur had overcome a great battle, managed to be adopted and today enjoys a completely healthy life and a wonderful home surrounded by people who love him more and more every day.

To those who do not give up, rescue and give second chances, infinite thanks for being those earthly angels for so many vulnerable furries. Adopt and transform a life!

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