Puppy with paralysis in his paws can walk again after 3 months

A little dog who struggled for 3 months to learn to walk again finally regained the mobility of his two paralyzed legs. His case touches the hearts of many people who celebrate that he has a happy ending.

Fortunately science allows us to have alternatives to certain health conditions that decades ago would have no solution. And also, fortunately, there are people like those who helped this dog who are able to recognize that these animals deserve all our love and protection.

For this little dog named Angel, days surviving on the streets of Brazil were a challenge. Until Deuzenice, a 51-year-old woman, offered him an opportunity that changed his destiny forever.

A traffic accident and illness left Angel with a heartbreaking diagnosis – he had a neurological disorder and his immune system was compromised.

The little dog was in distress, urgently needing help to heal.

His hind legs were totally paralyzed, Angel could not walk like other dogs. It took more than two months of exhaustive care and medical treatment for him to recover.

He was always cheerful and, above all, grateful to those who gave him the help he so desperately needed. Angel showed them every day that he wanted to move forward, he made an effort to walk again and showed signs of improvement.

After three months receiving medical treatment, Deuzenice recorded a video that showed the result of all the effort of those who joined together to improve the quality of life of the adorable little dog.

In the scenes you can see Angel running, playing like any dog, finally he had fully recovered the mobility of his hind legs and could enjoy himself as he did before. But this time it was better, the animal was no longer surviving on the streets, but had a warm home where he felt loved and safe.

Angel was enjoying himself as he deserved, and it was thanks to the love and support of those who rallied to change his fate that he was able to be happy.

Deuzenice assumed all the expenses of the puppy’s medical treatment, and her gesture aroused the admiration and gratitude of her entire community. And also, of thousands of people in the networks that have known her case.

The noble woman has dedicated part of her life to the care of stray dogs, together with 10 volunteers, she is in charge of taking care of street dogs. The team that supports her work, she recognizes their effort and time with donations she receives.

She has managed to build a shelter where she takes in animals like Angel, and also offers a second chance to live to those dogs that in other shelters the only option they have been given is to put them to sleep forever.

Unfortunately, not all the dogs she rescues manage to recover from their illnesses, but some do change their destiny, recovering their health and happiness. Deuzenice and her team make sure they have a home where they are loved until their last heartbeat.

It is gratifying to know that there are human beings with a heart full of solidarity, who empathize with the pain of suffering dogs.

Angel’s recovery proves that love is capable of making miracles, that it is worth betting everything to help dogs that need it so much, they deserve to have a dignified and happy life.

We can all make a difference by helping, collaborating with the work of people like Deuzenice, who are dedicated to rescue animals from the street. No contribution is too small when it comes to add to a good cause.

Watching him in the video it was hard to believe that the little dog just three months ago had his hind legs paralyzed.

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