Rabito, the rescued puppy that became the most spoiled “busetero”

Rabito is the name of our adorable protagonist, a little dog that since he arrived at the passenger terminal in Baños, in Tungurahua, located in the Andean zone of Ecuador conquered both children and adults.

While in the terminal you hear at the top of his lungs “a Quito, Quito, Guayaquil”, this adorable ball of fur cheers up the users who arrive at the office where he spends most of his time.

Puppy rescued by a transport cooperative goes viral

Wearing a white T-shirt and a yellow tie, this sweet little dog wears a uniform just like the rest of the members of the Cooperativa de Transporte y Turismo Baños.

Two years ago the institution opened its doors to him after he was rescued in the Papallacta sector. Jhon Campaña, president of the cooperative commented on the matter:

“The unit suffered a mechanical breakdown in that sector. The puppy spent two days with the crew in the unit, ate and slept there. They asked for a possible owner but as there was no answer, the crew took him to Baños and since that time we adopted him”.

At the time of his rescue the puppy was dirty, dehydrated and underweight, fortunately, he had no major health complications which made his recovery much faster.

From day one of his rescue, Rabito had plenty of earthly angels who were willing to improve his quality of life, one of those people was driver Jimmy Campaña, who took him into his home and made him a member of the family.

Rabito is between 6 and 8 years old, he is a lucky doggy who finds wonderful people everywhere he goes.

He is usually in the offices of the Cooperativa de Transporte most of the time, there he is the true spoiled, he comes to brighten their day, and of course to receive lots of cuddles and kibbles, sometimes you can find him at the ticket office or in the waiting room, where he receives gushes of tender caresses from the users.

Over time, this adorable ball of fur has gained more popularity, which makes his days more and more hectic, his hours are spent taking pictures with employees or users, he usually wears glasses that have become part of his oufitt.

He also rides in the cooperative’s units, although not often, it is an activity he does with excitement. His wagging tail is the best sign that he enjoys the ride.

Rabito’s story has had a great impact on the main representatives of the Transport Cooperative, who have decided to relax the rules so that they now allow the transport of animals in the units.

They are working hard so that the rest of the companies join in and modify their regulations. Jhon Campaña commented:

“Inclusive, the same transit agency has called us to create a regulation and we are working on that, so that the rest of the companies replicate and there is a regulation for the transport of puppies”.

Rabito not only sensitized many people, he made them aware and achieved something that until recently was thought impossible. In a recent statement, the president of the cooperative expressed:

“There are users who buy a ticket for their pet and take it along with them in a seat with their respective securities. But there are also those who prefer that they travel in the part where the luggage is placed under the bus”.

Although there is still a long way to go for more institutions to join this beautiful proposal, we are delighted to know that more and more people are fighting for animal welfare.

Rabito continues to bring smiles and open a world of possibilities for more furry ones.

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