Recorded starving bear wandering for food on the street and begs for help

Before man took it upon himself to colonize practically every corner of the earth, the world was teeming with billions of animals of all species. A fact that becomes evident every time a human has one of these unprecedented encounters with exotic animals or when they parade comfortably through the city.

One such encounter occurred recently in a Mexican city with a bear whose appearance left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Men are not masters of the globe, but they are its main destroyer.

One of those encounters that no one wants to live through was experienced by a resident of El Ranchito, in the municipality of Santiago in Mexico, after a black bear appeared in his path.

The creature was nervous and vigilant, as if it were looking for food, but in addition to the shock of finding it wandering through the inhabited area, its appearance was what caused the most commotion.

It was very sad to see how it looked.

The poor animal was in an evident state of malnutrition, it looked like the cruel representation of what once was that colossal and fluffy animal that we are used to seeing in movies and other media.

His condition was painful.

Starving and defensive, the animal was wandering around the area when a person came across it and decided to record it in a video that was later shared on social networks.

Apparently, the event occurred on June 12 and immediately went viral. Many users were dismayed by the poor condition of the creature, whose fur looked clearly mistreated.

There is no doubt that this is an animal in need of help.

Sightings of these creatures are not uncommon in the area, due to its proximity to a national park. For this reason, the government took the opportunity to remind the public of something important.

“The black bear is a protected species, so causing harm to it implies legal action,” the state government reported on its website.

Although the reminder is not out of place, many users wondered about the measures the government would take to deal with this type of creature.

It is clear that this particular bear has a serious health condition, so some competent body should find a way to provide support without harming it.

It may seem a bit contradictory to take a bear out of its habitat in order to rehabilitate it, but it is the animal’s life that is in danger and someone should do something to help it. However, around this sighting only the silence of the authorities and the indignation of users in networks are woven.

This news serves as a reminder that we are all responsible for the deterioration of our planet and animals bear the brunt, share this news and help us raise awareness.

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