Relieved street dog clings to his hero when he knows he is finally safe

A stray puppy had the most heartwarming reaction in the arms of his rescuer when he realized he was finally safe.

This is not the first time we bring you a heartwarming story about the gratitude and tenderness that animals rescued from the streets can feel. Puppies that have lost their families or have been discarded by them, abandoning them to their fate. Puppies that have had to endure a hostile world and have had to survive all alone.

But the fate of these puppies changes when people with a true vocation and love for animals decide to act to put an end to such tragic circumstances.

The puppy suffered a lot in the streets but at last he is safe.

Tamara Johnston tells the story of Basil, a stray dog who was rescued from the streets of Songkhla, Thailand.

Johnston, who is the founder of an organization that works to defend and protect stray and unprotected animals in Thailand, was in the middle of a busy day. Overheated and exhausted, Tamara was ready to stop at a nearby store to buy something to drink and refresh herself.

But it was on the way there that she spotted a small puppy that looked only a few months old. With his stomach completely swollen while the rest of his body was emaciated, covered with fleas and ticks and with a look of indescribable fear, in that terrible condition she found little Basil.

Tamara stopped to ask people in the area if they knew anything about the puppy, if his mother would be around and if he had an owner. One of the residents in the area explained to the founder of Thai Street Paws Rescue, that the puppy had no owner, that his mom was not around and that the little dog had a little sister, but she had recently been hit by a vehicle on that same street.

“He goes from house to house seeing what he can find to eat,” commented another resident of one of the houses near the street where Tamara found Basil.

Without further ado, she picked him up and drove him in her car to the veterinarian where he was given fluids and medication to make him feel better. “Basil behaved wonderfully, although I think he was partly tired from being so sick. I’m sure it was a relief for him,” his rescuer explained.

Basil must remain at the vet for several more days, when he feels better he will be vaccinated and neutered, and will go on to live with Tamara or one of the shelter’s other volunteers until he finds a permanent home. Johnston hopes to find an adoptive family soon for the little guy.

The reality is that Tamara sees far, far more dogs in terrible conditions than she could actually rescue, although she confessed that this particular puppy stood out from the others because of the condition he was in and his young age.

“I couldn’t leave him there, he knew someone was going to help him, he didn’t even move. He just fell asleep in my arms, he was finally safe,” she added.


Every living being on this planet feels and it is extremely heartwarming to see how with so little, a little dog’s life and countenance can change so much. Likewise, it is that possibility of completely changing the situation of a helpless animal that should inspire us to become actively involved with similar organizations in our community.

Here you can watch a video summary of this beautiful love story:

May Basil’s story be an encouragement for more people to get involved in rescuing helpless puppies.


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