Rescue of the little dog who cried uncontentedly as she saw the bag she was carrying with her

This little dog had to live an experience of great pain, her eyes were full of tears, she was mourning the death of her puppies.

Why so much evil? Why want to harm without caring about the suffering of a defenseless being?

Animals are the most sensitive, innocent and supportive beings. Not to mention when we talk about street mothers who would give everything to save what they love the most.

All their actions are full of so much instinct, but above all of pure love, that seeing them suffer breaks our souls. And that is when we cannot understand that there are some who dare to claim that “they have no feelings”.

The abandoned dog touched the hearts of many with her heartbreaking cry after the death of her babies.

This beautiful mother is a three-year-old puppy, her name is Carly and she was found by Paul Skinner, a cyclist riding along a road in Midville, Lincolnshire.

Paul saw Carly with her head resting on a bag, when he approached he noticed that her eyes were full of tears; she was crying for her puppies. Carly knew that bag contained the bodies of her lifeless puppies.

Paul has that heartbreaking scene etched in his mind, Carly refused to be separated from her 4 children!

Paul reported her and her puppies to the proper authorities so that Carly could be cared for and moved to safety.

Skinner, a 58-year-old Boston city councilor, alerted the police and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA).

The man could not believe such an act of evil.

RSCPA staff arrived to rescue Carly, and tried to revive the puppies in the hope that they would react. Sometimes puppies give the appearance of being lifeless and with re-activation they warm up and may live, but unfortunately nothing could be done, they were already dead.

The veterinarian who attended them thinks that they were born alive in the morning of the day they were found and that they could have died from the cold, which means that they were left there alive, with the worst of intentions.

The saddest thing is to know that they could have survived.

We can’t help but think that this is not done by a human being, he must be a monster inside, without feelings and without a soul, capable of hurting not only animals but anyone. If ever that heartless person reads these lines, we allow us to tell you that you are a very despicable being!

RSCPA workers attended to the dog and the authorities began an investigation into what happened. Fortunately, Carly has an ID tag that identifies who she was in the hands of.

Inspector Becky Harper commented that this is a very upsetting incident, and all indications are that both mother and puppies were cruelly neglected.

The mother is recovering from this very sad shock and is in good health.

The authorities ask the public that if they have any data or information on how Carly was abandoned in this way, to please notify them, as well as the bags where the puppies were, as they are very particular: one is fish and the other is potato chips.

May such a story not be repeated. It is a commitment of all of us to fight against the abandonment and unfair treatment that many animals receive around the world.

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