Rescue of the most tearful pit bull abandoned in a cold cage to give him the best last days

The most tearful pit bull abandoned in a cold cage managed to touch the hearts of two women. They rescued him to give him the best last days, what happened after saving him touches thousands of people.

Roosevelt was a pit bull dog with a heartbreaking look and very lonely. His owners had dropped him off at Chicago Animal Control, with a note justifying his abandonment:

“Has trouble urinating.”

An abandoned crying pit bull spent his days in a cold cage.

When Kelly Michael and Sarah Lauch met him, they were devastated by this distraught, dejected little dog. They wanted to get him out of that sad place and out of that cold cage as soon as possible.

“I saw him relaxing quietly in his cage while all the other dogs were barking and jumping up and down to get my attention. He looked so sad and tearful,” Sarah wrote on Facebook.

His look really pierced the soul

“His teeth were totally crushed, probably from eating rocks or trying to escape his cage. We felt so helpless and so sad for him. We immediately tried to find him a foster home, so we could get him out and get him healthy,” she added.

Who could pass by such an innocent and devastated heart?

So fortunately, with the help of the One Tail at a Time organization, they were able to take him home.

He didn’t know how comforting it felt to be held.

Unfortunately, when Roo was examined by a veterinarian, he was diagnosed with end-stage bone cancer, and had only a few months to live.

Faced with this terrible situation, they decided to give him a real family and make his last days the happiest. Roo would live with Kelly until the end of his days.

Roo does not know he is sick, so he acts like a normal dog.

They spoil him a lot, he is really happy!

They decided to make a last wish list for Roo, which they fulfilled to the fullest: He swam in a lake for the first time, ate ice cream, received therapeutic massages, and even went to eat at Taco Bell.

He enjoyed like a little boy every ice cream he tasted.

The list is endless and Roo enjoys every pampering as if it really is the last time.

His time may be limited, but love knows no bounds. For these caring girls who adopted him, Roo became a life lesson to cherish every second. That’s why they went viral with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo, created a page with his name and the effect on the networks has been overwhelming.

“People have sent me direct messages and followers have invited us to their lake house. Now all the owners are doing things with their dogs.”

Roo doesn’t even know how many people she’s inspiring to live like it’s our last second on this earth

Resting like a sweet baby

Sarah said that although they try to stay positive with Roo, they know the end of his journey won’t be easy.

In the midst of a heartbreaking prognosis, they found the beautiful part and the best way to come to terms with it was to gift him with lots of happiness for his last days.

This is what true happiness looks like

“Even though we’ve known him for such a short time, the thought of having to put him down at some point brings tears to our eyes.”

“Although Roo only has a few months to live, we hope #LiveLikeRoo inspires everyone now and forever,” the Facebook page read.

You can see in this tribute how Roo enjoyed every second of his last days – it’s hard not to cry!:

It’s inspiring what they teach us! This admirable story should motivate us to live every second to the fullest and find ways to be happy in the midst of adversity.


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