Rescued cat without front paws struggles to jump to steal a woman’s heart

A ginger kitten was found on the streets in a delicate state of health. A local resident carefully took him in and brought him to the Humane Society in Arizona.

Over the years, these rescuers have encountered all kinds of animals, but as soon as they saw the little redhead, they realized that this was a really special one.

The kitten didn’t have fully developed front paws, but he was the cutest little furry guy in the world.

They took him to the vet and there they realized what the problem was. Joey Roo was born with a congenital condition called radial dysplasia.

This condition causes the bones of the upper limbs to develop shorter than expected or not at all.

It can vary widely, but in Joey Roo’s case there was only a fragment of little legs that were useless for support and walking. He did, however, have a tiny little claw.

Fortunately, the kitten had perfectly developed hind legs. Joey Roo was jumping all over the shelter and soon stole the hearts of all the volunteers.

They feared that the furry little guy would be rejected because of his condition, but he had such a wonderful personality that it was only a matter of time before sooner or later someone would open their home to him. That’s when a woman named Cortney arrived.

As soon as she saw the ginger kitten, she knew she was destined to give him the home he so desperately needed.

“It was love at first sight. I brought him home the same day I met him,” Cortney said.

The cute furry guy got used to his new home very quickly. He started running up and down the stairs with his adorable little hops and has never let his condition stop him from having all sorts of adventures.

“The second night he managed to get into the garbage. He can jump surprisingly high for a kitten with no front paws,” Cortney explained.

To help him feel more comfortable, Cortney bought him a cart specially designed for him. This way, Joey Roo can go for walks and continue to captivate them all with his fun personality.

“He gets along with everyone. He loves meeting other cats or dogs that come to the house. He loves to be the center of attention and to be petted,” Cortney said.

Beautiful Joey is further proof that all animals deserve a second chance. Normally, older or medically challenged furry animals are sadly ignored and have very little chance of finding a home. Don’t hesitate to open your heart to a special needs pet.

Join your voice and share this note to celebrate how far this cute kitty has come regardless of his physical condition.

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