Rescued Pitbull looks at owner worried that new kitten will take its place

An adorable rescued pit bull couldn’t hide his jealousy at first thinking that the new kitten would take his place. However, what happened later between the two is the most touching thing to see.

Sterling is our protagonist, a beautiful pit bull who from newborn had a hard life until he was rescued, taken to the shelter and adopted by Bethatny Leigh. She knew that the little pitbull had been mistreated, so she was willing to give him all the attention he needed until he was transformed into the sweetest and most trusting pet.

Leigh rescued the pit bull when he was 4 weeks old.

When Sterling arrived in the arms of his new owner he was very tiny, she fed him like a baby with a bottle, he had big scars on his chest and legs. With a lot of patience and love the little pitbull paid attention to the training.

The cute pit bull was becoming more and more responsive to other people.

Leigh has always been an advocate for animals, since she was a little girl she has been an activist helping to rescue all kinds of animals in different circumstances. Apparently, the adorable pit bull has followed in his owner’s footsteps and has become the best foster brother to every critter that comes through Leigh’s home.

Sterling especially loves kittens.

One day Leigh found a cute kitten abandoned in a McDonald’s parking lot, and sure enough, she scooped him up in her arms and took him home. For some reason, the Sterling felt great empathy for the little kitten.

They named the cuddly kitten Lux.

At first, Lux seemed intimidated by the big pit bull’s presence, and at the same time Sterling seemed a little jealous. It was as if he feared that the kitten would come to occupy a place in his owner’s heart, something he was not entirely happy about. But over time they became inseparable. In this regard Leigh notes:

“When we’re in the backyard and I let Luz explore, if she goes too far or starts climbing the tree, I tell Sterling to go get her kitty and she comes out to help him down. They snuggle and sleep together, they both love balls and toys, they love our backyard and play there together.”

He is very spoiled at home and he knows it very well.

Time passed and the bond between the kitten and the big pit bull was unbreakable. Even the adorable kitten won the affection of Leigh’s little daughter who is only two years old. The big pit bull loved protecting his new foster sibling, it was hard for Leigh to imagine what would happen when he was adopted and had to leave.

The foster home became a permanent home for Lux.

Although they both had to go through some very difficult times, fortunately life rewarded them with someone who loves animals and gives them all the love and respect they need. There is no doubt that Lux and Sterling will remain best friends in life.

Even if the pit bull feared for not feeling equally loved by his owner, there is no doubt that he would have even been willing to share that love.

They are that noble and generous. And then there are people who insist on negative stereotypes of this breed, saying they are dangerous and aggressive. They couldn’t be more wrong!

We should all understand that no matter how different we may be, when it comes to love and friendship, there is no species, no size that counts.

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