Rescued puppy chained in a house gets scared every time someone approaches her

Violet, a sad little dog, was found along with 5 other dogs inside a house, all were chained up, but she was the one who looked the most pitiful.

Her skin around the chains had a black color from all the time the chain rubbed her. The chain was heavy in weight and was tightly tied to a padlock.

The sad look on the dog’s face would break anyone’s heart.

A woman passing by the property where the dogs were found, informed the authorities so that they could get help.

The events took place in Miguel County, New Mexico, where it is illegal to keep dogs chained without the presence of the owners.

The woman contacted the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, and the County Sheriff’s Department eventually took the dogs into custody.

“These authorities are able to get the owner to give an explanation about the situation with these dogs,” said Angela Stell, founder and director of NMDOG , an organization that rescues chained dogs.

Violet was about 2 years old when she was found in December 2016, from the condition of her injuries they discovered something heartbreaking, the little dog had spent almost her entire life chained.

Violet spent her entire life tethered to a heavy chain

“When authorities intervened, they found that the dogs’ guardian was in jail on unrelated charges, and was not on the property in a position to provide the daily care these dogs need.”

There was no evidence that anyone else inhabited the property, however what is certain is that the 5 dogs were completely abandoned for a long time.

Rescue teams began with NMDOG caring for several of the dogs, including Violet.

The first thing they did was to take the dogs to the vet, where they were cared for by in-house doctors for a long time, until they recovered from all their injuries.

Violet’s skin was sunburned and she had a rare disease called Flystrike, a condition caused by worms eating the animal’s flesh.

Violet has managed to gradually recover from her health problems, she never knew anything beyond chains and this new life does not understand her.

“She was very, very scared, and she’s still a little shy,” Stell said.

“If I raise my hand to do something, or move my hand too fast, she freaks out, cringes, like I’m going to assault her.

I can’t imagine what she had to go through in her life to be so afraid.”

She still panics about people. It’s heartbreaking!

Violet’s progress is gradual, she is slowly learning to trust people, and is becoming more and more comfortable in her new environment.

“She is very sweet, and has learned to open up and trust us and the clinic staff,” Stell said.

“She likes her stuffed animals, and snuggling in her blanket. She likes to go for walks.

She just learned about the world around her, and that she won’t be chained anymore.”

“I’ve caught her a couple of times playing with her squeaky raccoon toy,” Stell said.

“She plays a little bit, and then look around to see if anyone is watching. So she’s going to be very playful and carefree, and she’ll be able to put it all behind her.”

Violet still has one more healing to do; she also has to be spayed. But after a few weeks, Violet will be put up for adoption.

The personality of dogs who have lived tied up for a long time, and who have also been mistreated, requires time to adapt and above all a lot of patience and love.

Violet is finally out of the hell where she lived and now she is really free!

A new life begins for this dog and the other dogs that were rescued. Thanks to everyone’s collaboration, they will have the opportunity to lead a dignified life in a home surrounded by the love they always deserved, where they will never suffer again.

The mistreatment of animals must end once and for all, it is not fair that they suffer at the hands of the negligence of unconscious people who do not value their lives or respect their rights.

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