Rescued puppy tries to work up the courage to put a paw in her first real home

Life for a little dog changed completely after a couple gave her the opportunity to be part of the family. However, the past of Valentine, our protagonist, was full of misfortunes that left her with some emotional scars.

She was very shy and easily nervous, so when she arrived at her first home, it was quite a challenge for her to put a paw in her new home.

Perrita gathers all the courage she needs to be able to enter her new home.

Valentine is a Dalmatian/Pitbull mix who spent the first few years of her life giving birth to puppies in a hoarding situation.

Completely unfamiliar with being around loving people, it was all new to her. Ashley Moses, the puppy’s foster mom commented on the matter:

“She was very shy when we first met her. She wasn’t opening up to us and we couldn’t feel her personality during our meeting with her. You could tell her spirit was broken and she looked so sad.”

It was also a challenge for Moses to make the puppy feel comfortable and confident, having never dealt with a puppy like Valentine before, but he knew he couldn’t abandon her. In this regard she said:

“From the moment I saw her picture, I knew she was our dog. It sounds corny, but it was love at first sight. After we adopted her, we were both hesitant about adopting her. Could we handle a dog like this? What if she would never feel confident? We had never rescued a puppy before, what do we do with a scared dog?”

While it was a time of much questioning and the latent fear of not getting the puppy to open up to them, they clung to the idea of being a part of her life and slowly helping her come out of her shell.

The first day the puppy arrived at her new home, she had a hard time taking the first step. With her painful past, she still didn’t feel ready to trust people.

“It took some convincing to get her to come in with us. She was so scared, confused and didn’t want to move from the foyer of our house. She was terrified, but we lured her in with tons of treats. She remained very closed off, sad and didn’t want to interact with us much all night,” Moses said.

However, everything changed the next day. Valentine had let go of her fear and suddenly revealed her tender, playful personality.

Everything about her had completely changed overnight, something that of course, stirred her adoptive parents’ hearts with joy.

“She was 100 percent a different little dog. She was jumping, playing, kissing me and generally very excited – it was a very impressive moment because we didn’t expect her to open up so quickly!” noted Moses.

Since then, the couple has done different activities to help her overcome her fears and completely heal the emotional wounds left by her past. Today she can walk up and down stairs without fear and go for walks in the rain.

For Moses and her fiancé it is truly gratifying to be able to see all that they have accomplished with sweet Charlie, they took a chance and trusted that she was the one to star in their days and fill them with so much more love.

“She is the happiest little girl who loves to play with her toys, loves all the food and most of all, her family is what she loves the most. She is the most expressive and fun dog ever. We are so proud of all the progress she has made, we can’t wait to love her forever.”

Behind every rescued puppy is a past full of physical and emotional scars that they often struggle to overcome. Let’s be empathetic and understand that the processes are different for each of the furry ones.

They say that love is enough, and without a doubt, it is the best reason to motivate us to transform the life of a vulnerable puppy. Fill their life with infinite happiness and give them all the love they deserve.

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