Rescued puppy with one eye missing needs someone to love it forever

The life of a street dog is not easy, most of the time they are subjected to many risks. But as long as there are people who love animals, they will always have the opportunity to have a dignified doggy life.

This puppy had a sad past

It is definitely not the same to be part of a loving family than to go from one place to another going through hardships. Rudo has lived it in the flesh, his body was the proof of the ravages he has gone through, to the point that one of his little eyes had become terribly ill.

The puppy’s melancholic look expressed the sadness he felt.

Some people found him lying on the floor and crestfallen, they did not take long to realize the evil he had on his face and made a publication on their Facebook account making his case known.

That is how Caninos 911, A.C., an organization from Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, which is in charge of the protection of street animals, learned of the discovery and assigned its staff to start the rescue procedure. What they saw when they found him moved them enormously.

“He is Rudo, a little dog that suffered the bad treatment of “humans” lost his little eye due to a blow received and it will take us a long time to heal his heart”, explained the representative of the institution.

The veterinarian evaluated him and determined that he was contaminated by parasites. Perhaps anyone else would have succumbed to the pain, but he knew he could not give up hope, and even though his beautiful heart was in great pain, he bravely overcame it to try to make it through.

When Rudo wagged his little tail for the first time, everyone was thrilled.

They did everything they could to save the little dog’s eye, but they could not. They put all their efforts into the other eye to prevent the same thing from happening, and to everyone’s joy, they succeeded.

He went through a long process of physical recovery, but the emotional part would be more difficult. The little dog’s mood was very unstable.

But with love, affection and understanding everything can be achieved, and the people around him gave him, every second, reasons to feel happy and grateful.

Every day, Rudo’s rescuers struggled to gain the canine’s trust and, little by little, they saw results. From a completely sad and lonely furry dog, he has become a happy, bouncy and playful little dog willing to play with everyone.

Rudo is still hoping to find a home

The worst is over; the most important thing is to find a home for this canine who dreams of running through a garden, feeling the loving hand of a human and making up for lost time.

Rudo feels safe again and is ready to give and receive love.

Caninos 911 after rescuing Rudo, published on their social networks the necessary information for people who want to give him a home to communicate.

They will never regret having him, and every day will be a wonderful experience next to the loving canine.

“Today Rudo is a happy, loving doggy and is ready to fill your days with lots of love.” reads the announcement published by the foundation.

Users on the networks are moved by the story and sent messages of solidarity and support to the puppy. They wished him that all his canine wishes come true. And they do not doubt that many people will be interested in such a lovely little animal.

His biggest dream is to have a home

If it is in your possibilities, don’t let the opportunity pass you by and take advantage of having a sweet and affectionate doggy by your side that will fill with joy each of your days. It is the best way to show with actions how much we love dogs.

Remember that adoption is the greatest show of love and the best reward, open your heart to animals in need!

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