Rescuers’ eyes tear up when they see sick boxer left in a trash bag outside a shelter

Hope was so weak she couldn’t move, and she wasn’t alone…

An emaciated Boxer was dumped in a trash bag outside of a shelter and when rescuers first saw her, they weren’t sure she was still alive. But that’s not all, the dog they’ve named Hope wasn’t alone. She had a companion with her – a male boxer tied to a pole next to her.

Both dogs were in in terrible shape and made the shelter staff at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Mission, Kansas, emotional just looking at them.

Hope was lying in the garbage bag, barely able to move and Triumph, the second Boxer, was having trouble standing.

“These two boxers were dumped on our property at some point over night or early this morning,” Unleashed Pet Rescue wrote on the morning they found the two dogs. “Hope was left in a trash bag and Triumph was tied to a pole. Hope is emaciated and so weak she cannot move, she is on antibiotics and pain meds. Triumph cannot move his back legs.”

The staff immediately rushed the dogs to the veterinarians for testing and care.

Hope was definitely in dire condition. Not only did she have pyometra (infected uterus) she also had a very bad infection in her elbow and an ultrasound showed masses on both adrenal glands as well as one in her brain. The masses are likely cancer, but rescuers are awaiting test results to learn how far her cancer has spread.

“We are hoping the cancer has not progressed so she can have her last weeks, months, year in a home and spoiled rotten, ” says CEO and founder Danielle Reno.

After several days of medical care, the rescue did share some positive news about the pair of dogs.

Hope not only has gained 7 pounds, she was finally able to get up and walk! She is still on antibiotics for her infected elbow and pyometra, but she is in much better spirits.

“All in all, she’s showing the world that she’s a fighter!” says Reno, adding, “She’s bright eyed and improving every second of every day!”

Triumph too is making progress. The rescue shared a video of him walking.

“He is on medicine and will be working to build up the muscles in his back and legs, as you can see it’s not easy for him to get around,” they wrote. “The plan is physical therapy with water therapy. He is such a sweet dog and is working on recovery in his foster home.”

Reno assures everyone, “We will keep everyone updated and will not give up on these sweet babies, they deserve a chance to be loved and live happy lives.”

Pupdate: Aug 27, 2018

The rescuers shared news of a happy reunion for Hope and Triumph 90 days after their rescue. They also shared not best news about their health.

“Hope & Triumph reunited!!!They were happy to see each other!!!

“A month and a half ago our staff came in and found a lifeless little boxer in a trash bag and a brindle boxer, who could not stand tied to a pole on our door step. Both of these animals were rushed to the ER Vet. The weeks proceeding involved extensive testing and veterinary care.

“Considering all that these sweet babies have been through, they still have so much love to give. Hope has two masses on her adrenal glands and one on her brain and we are working with the vets on what the next step will be. This senior sweetie has become very close with her foster family and snuggles each night in bed with them.

“Triumph has been diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and is being surrounded with love and the best care possible in his foster home. A wheel chair has been donated and he has been working on his water therapy.

“We can’t always make sense of why these things happen but we come together as a rescue community to help and heal. This is done through love and acceptance.”

We’re glad that Triumph and Hope will spend their remaining days in comfort and surrounded by love.

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