Revealing the truth about the alleged “sea rabbits” that have many people freaking out

There is a beautiful marine animal that is stealing everyone’s heart in the networks. At first glance, it looks like a miniature bunny. There are even those who refer to them as the sea rabbits but the reality is that they are nothing less than slugs with a very particular shape that reminds us of those of a fluffy and cute bunny.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing pictures of these slugs. They are beautiful. We must help preserve and take care of them,” commented one user on the networks.

They look like the cutest animals in the world but in reality they are highly toxic sea slugs. Thanks to this, they live very quietly at the bottom of the sea and predators do not approach them. They measure up to 2.5 centimeters long and their entire body is covered with a kind of sticks.

“They are covered with tiny fins that improve their detection capacity, allowing them to sense their environment very effectively,” explained Angel Valdes, an expert on sea slugs.

Thanks to this, the slugs can detect many chemicals in the water and thus find the food they need as well as mates to reproduce. Like all sea slugs, they are hermaphrodites and during their mating process each one exchanges sperm.

The species was discovered in 1938 and are known as Jorunna Parva.

Even though they were discovered years ago, there is still a lot we don’t know about these animals. There is only one thing we can agree on: they look like cute little bunnies and many network users go crazy when they discover that there is such a cute animal at the bottom of the sea.

“What amazing creatures! Their resemblance to rabbits is very strange,” said one netizen.

A few weeks ago, images of these cute little sea bunnies began to circulate and since then many have not stopped talking about them. In the midst of all the isolation and the fight against the coronavirus, there is nothing better than relaxing by seeing beautiful animals and learning how interesting other species can be.

This species is only found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

These beautiful slugs, for example, are the only animals that have managed to hunt a Portuguese caravel, known to many as bad water or false jellyfish. Once they get close, the slugs steal their stingers to use in self-defense.

Did you know such curious animals existed? Share this note that will surely brighten the day of many.

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