Risks his life to save 25 horses from the brink of death and demands not to be called a hero

In the face of a natural tragedy, it is sometimes possible to warn of what is going to happen, giving people the opportunity to take refuge in a safe place. However, many animals are left unprotected and disoriented, not knowing what to do or where to go.

Recently, torrential rains in most of Harris County, Texas, caused people to evacuate.

The horses’ long necks kept some from drowning.

While thousands of the displaced people were rescued, many small animals were not as fortunate.

The locals were bewildered to see them suffering from the fury of the water that swept away everything in its path, including large horses.

Everyone watched disconsolate as their horses were swept away by the rain.

People watched helplessly as the horses were swept away until one horse lover decided to jump into the water and risk his own life to save as many horses as possible.

Justin Nelzen was the man who stepped in to rescue the poor creatures suffering from the turbulent water.

The man in a life jacket climbed down from the bridge using a harness.

Nelzen is a former sailor who currently works as a horse trainer, donned the life jacket and jumped over the side of the bridge to help them.

The man made several trips back and forth swimming through the turbulent water to guide the horses to dry land.

The horses arrived exhausted on the other side of the shore.

In response to his courageous actions, the community rallied around Justin and helped him in his great mission to rescue the horses. Some from higher ground pointed out to him where horses were desperately trying to stay afloat.

Others were on the shore and pulled the horses out when Justin had brought them close enough.

Many disappeared but others got a second chance.

By the end of the day, Justin had rescued 15 horses alone and another 10 with help from the community.

An incredible team effort that resulted in 25 horses surviving and being saved from a tragic end. Justin’s actions have led locals to hail him as a “horse hero”.

An incredible rescue that stirred everyone’s heart.

However, he is not comfortable with the title, the humble man considers the horses his family and seeing some of them tragically die in the floods has broken him.

A humble hero with a big heart.

While Justin is distraught for the horses he couldn’t save because they disappeared in the current, others are still able to run free thanks to his bravery.

Reach out to a horse in distress and you will have a faithful companion forever. Love and care for them, they have feelings too. Share!

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