Sad dog found traveling all alone in a bus

The number of animals that are found in street conditions on a daily basis is alarming. Those of us who love pets find it hard to understand that there are people who are capable of leaving an animal to its fate; they do it with surprising ease.

Unfortunately, many dogs are left aside by those who are supposed to assume the responsibility of caring for them for the rest of their lives, loving them with the same love and loyalty that only they know how to offer.

Such is the case of a puppy in Bradford city, who boarded a bus and is still waiting for his human.

An adorable little Staffordshire bull terrier puppy raised his eyebrows, looked around and sat dejectedly on the 620 bus in West Yorkshire.

The little dog got on the bus very sad

Gemma Burton was one of the passengers on the bus that day when the little dog got on at Bierley, and realized he was alone.

“He tried to get off the bus at one point, but it was on a busy main road, so we got him to stay and someone stayed with him on the bus before he was taken off at Bradford Interchange,” the passenger said.

He tried to get off, but it was a dangerous road

All the passengers were attentive to the little dog and noticed that he had a red harness with gold details, they looked after him lovingly until the staff took him to the last stop on the bus, in the center of Bradford.

The little stray was taken to a kennel where he will remain for seven days, allowing time for his humans to come for him, if they are looking for him. Luckily for him, he was met by caring people who decided to help him and change his fate.

Had he gotten out of the vehicle on that road, he would most likely have had a fatal outcome. He was totally helpless, surviving such dangerous conditions was not an option.

Thousands of people are moved by the photo of the little dog with a sad expression.

If no one claims him in that time, Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue, based in Gomersal, will take over the dog to begin the process of finding him an adoptive home. To the rescue center’s manager, Janet Burrell, it seems that the little dog doesn’t really need his humans.

“Whoever his owner is shouldn’t miss him that much, it’s been 48 hours,” Burell said.

The photo taken by Gemma quickly circulated the web, and immediately users began commenting, about the sad and lonely little animal’s misfortune.

“Heartbreaking… I hope this baby is reclaimed or that a fabulous family adopts him forever,” one netizen wished him.

Others offered to adopt him. if the lonely puppy’s human never showed up.

“If they can’t find the owner, I’ll happily adopt her,” offered another user.

The adorable little dog deserves to be happy

We hope that a good family who knows about this case, will adopt the puppy so that he can live a dignified life as he deserves.

Two days after the dog was found, no one had gone to claim him, so it is presumed that he was left to his fate. The poor thing, without understanding anything, was trying to survive and ask for help.

We hope that this little dog, who became the image of the sad reality of all abandoned animals, will have the opportunity to be happy in a home where he will be loved forever and unconditionally.

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