Sad little dog found in a hot parking lot with nothing but her litter

A little dog was abandoned by her own family in an empty parking lot, with nothing but her bed.

The scene was absolutely heartbreaking, especially because of the little face of infinite sadness that the furry dog showed, reflecting how much she missed her loved ones.

She was left in a hot parking lot with her bed so that at least she wouldn’t get burned.

The poor thing was absolutely devastated, not even understanding what she did wrong that she was no longer loved.

Even so, she was making great efforts so that with luck, someone would notice her and take her out of that lonely and inhospitable place, enduring high temperatures, which made her faint.

It is clear that her owners realized how cruel it was to leave her in the intense heat. So, in an “act of mercy”, they decided to leave her in her little bed, in order to separate her from the boiling pavement that could burn her skin.

The scenes took place in a parking lot in Austin, Texas.

Fortunately, Animal Welfare officers were alerted to the elderly pit bull who was urgently pleading for help.

When they arrived, they were met with the sweetest, saddest little eyes they had ever seen. She looked at them begging for sympathy, and happily accepted the treats the police officers offered her with their hands. They decided to call her Bluebelle.

“You could tell how grateful Bluebelle was to have been rescued,” said Stephanie McCutcheon, marketing and volunteer coordinator for the Austin Animal Center, where the puppy was taken.

“Bluebelle drank lots of water upon arrival and slept a lot in the comfort of her air-conditioned bed for the first two days,” she added. “She is now at AAC in a very happy spirit considering she doesn’t look or feel very well.”

They further shared that they are looking for a caring and compassionate home willing to take her in while she receives all the medical attention she needs.

“We know this little dog has a great glow in store for her, she just needs a soft place to land that can provide her with consistent love, attention and routine,” they wrote.

The vets determined that Blubelle is about 9 years old.

Fortunately, she immediately received all the medical attention she needed at the shelter, as well as a great deal of much-needed love and cuddling.

As if that wasn’t enough, she was missing a lot of fur, and her skin was red and raw. It was later found out that it was due to demodex mange, with which she was diagnosed, in addition to an infestation of skin mites, and conjunctivitis in both eyes.

But, the amazing thing is that sweet Bluebelle refuses to let it all get her down.

“Besides all the health problems, she is in good spirits. She has the cutest smile and even a little pep in her step,” Stephanie noted.

The shelter staff knew Bluebelle would be more comfortable in a home and, thanks to the older pup’s engaging personality, quickly found a temporary family willing to take her in.

“Despite looking in bad shape, her heart is still full and she is extremely welcoming to humans. She recently had a meeting with a foster family and their dog, and it went well, so Bluebelle will be leaving the shelter soon!” her excited caregiver related.

Bluebelle soon surprised her foster mom with a bubbly personality, quickly emerging a beautiful being of light. She couldn’t understand how her former owners were able to abandon such a loving, grateful and faithful little animal.

After a few months of medical treatment, care, attention and love, Bluebelle was ready to be adopted. And the story couldn’t have closed any better with a new family that showed up to welcome her with open arms to her forever home.

Hopefully, all the abandoned dogs will find a second chance in life to be as happy as they deserve to be.

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