Scared puppy left on the road runs crying into the arms of her savior

Animal abandonment will always be something impossible to accept, people do not know the damage they do to their pets with these acts and on this occasion, a puppy reveals the trauma it means for them to go through this rejection.

Alone, on the side of the road and trembling with fear, this puppy was found, and the recording of her rescue has gone viral on social networks.

The puppy ran to a stranger for help.

Georgiana Neagu is an independent rescuer who lives in Romania, her love and respect for animal life makes her always ready to help when a creature is in need. That’s why she didn’t hesitate to stop on the side of the road the day she saw a little dog wandering alone on the road.

But in addition to helping her, she decided to record the moment.

In the video, the furry dog can be seen running desperately towards the camera as if she knew that the person recording was her only hope to end the nightmare.

Although the puppy seemed convinced that they were going to help her, at the moment when they finally meet and Georgiana tries to approach her, the little one begins to tremble with terror.

It was undeniable that she had suffered some kind of mistreatment that completely destroyed her trust towards humans.

The furry one, who was christened Paula, did not stop crying at the moment of rescue. Somehow she begged the woman not to hurt her as others had done in the past.

Undoubtedly, this situation broke the heart of the rescuer who did not hesitate to share the video on the Internet to call people’s attention to the harm they cause to animals when they abandon them.

They do not deserve to go through such a situation.

That moment was so difficult and decisive for the dog that she ended up opening her heart to the good woman, who finally managed to rescue her.

“Scared, but with the need to trust someone. When I saw her, I knew I had to take her home with me. Unconditional love can heal every broken heart. She felt safe in my arms,” Georgiana said.

There is no doubt that love and patience can heal everything, especially in hearts as noble as those of the furry ones. Once at home, the rescuer facilitated everything so that this dog could adapt and began to look for a new family that would learn to value her and make her really happy.

The search is still going on and we are confident that those people will arrive soon.

While this is happening, the dog is still by her rescuer’s side, as Georgiana promised not to separate from her. A creature that has had a difficult beginning in her life does not deserve to feel more rejection and that is why the woman gives her all her love.

“Her name was Paula. She is still with me until she finds a home. She is about 11 months old and is a sweetheart,” said the rescuer.

Although details about this little dog’s former family or what happened to her in the past are unknown, her suspiciousness gives away the possible abuse she had to endure.

Fortunately, the furry one is now much happier and more confident, after a few weeks at home so much love made her blossom and all the bitterness is part of her old story.

Although this case has had a happy ending, what touches us most is to know that like Paula, many furries are trembling with terror because of the harm people have done to her. This is not fair and must change soon. So don’t hesitate to rescue, save and adopt helpless creatures like her.

If we don’t help them, who will? Please cooperate and let’s not be part of animal abandonment.

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