Service dog crawls on the floor because he is reluctant to leave toy store

An emotional support dog shocked everyone when he refused to leave the store where he was with his owner. Everything was recorded in a video that quickly reached thousands of reproductions.

It is known to all that dogs are our best friends, all of them are capable of captivating our hearts by offering us their loyalty, affection and protection. Having them as a pet translates into tenderness, fun, mischief and unforgettable moments that we share with them as members of our family.

Dogs do their best to protect those they love, some are therapy dogs or emotional support dogs, being the best company for those people who need to ensure their welfare while doing their routine.

Rufio is an adorable Golden Retriever who acts as a therapy dog. In the networks, he has many followers who have fallen in love with his tenderness.

The dog lives in the city of Chicago, United States.

Between his long cuddling sessions to help humans and being a famous puppy on the networks, Rufio has a very busy schedule. Luckily, he still saves some time to visit his favorite place in the whole world.

For this beautiful Golden, there is no better place than the dog toy store.

Rufio already has more than 250 thousand followers on his social networks.

There everything smells like delicious treats, there are wonderful little beds and countless toys to spend the whole day making mischief. Often, Rufio’s owner takes him there and lets him choose the toy that catches his attention.

The beautiful furry little guy has such a great time there that there are days when he simply doesn’t want to leave. For the dog, the time they spend in the store is not enough – it’s like taking a child to an amusement park.

“Golden’s are like that. They have amazing personalities. They are loyal, smart, funny and very calm,” opined one user on the networks.

Recently, things went a little too far and Rufio refused to walk his mother out of the store.

When it was time to go home, Rufio’s owner began to lead him on a leash as usual. Immediately, she noticed that her little dog felt much heavier.

Rufio has supported more than 100 people as a therapy dog.

As soon as the dog’s owner turned around she checked that the funny little dog had laid down with his paws pressed tightly against the floor.

His owner kept inviting him to leave but Rufio was determined to stay. Despite his mother’s insistence, Rufio does nothing but lean heavily as he crawls across the tent floor.

“Like when you’re not ready to leave the party yet,” Rufio’s owner jokes in the post.

Minutes later, he decides to change his technique and is positioned on his paws up while looking tenderly at his owner. Fortunately, the funny moment was captured in a beautiful video that soon went viral.

After all, there’s nothing like a hard-working dog who puts his paw down to fight for everything he deserves: toys and treats.

There is no doubt that beautiful Rufio deserves to spend as much time in the store as he deems necessary.

After all, he is an adorable little therapy dog who has managed to bring smiles to thousands of people’s faces, especially with his reaction when his owner tried to leave the toy store he loves so much.

It’s easy to understand why he has won over so many people on the networks, he’s simply adorable. All emotional support dogs do an extraordinary job that deserves to be recognized, they are angels that instead of wings have a little tail and four legs.

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