Shape shifting UFO caught on video flying near plane

The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Disclose Screen The Grimreefar, and the narrator of the video insinuates that the strange object seen in the video is a “shape-shifting UFO” or a “plasma-based alien lifeform” living in the upper atmosphere. The problem with this video is the assumptions made about the object that doesn’t consider any established science.

The Insider Paper tweeted, “ALERT Reportedly a German tourist, traveling on a plane, recorded a shape-shifting object in the sky and now the internet is calling it a UFO”. One social media user replied, “That’s friggin weird…” while another said, “Looks a lot like the space x rockets”.

UFO Spotted? Man Shares Video of Shiny & Shape-Shifting Object Shot From  Plane Window | Watch

Expressing discontent about the grainy quality of the video, the Youtuber introduces the object as “it almost looks as if this thing is made out of plasma” with mysterious music in the background. The plane from which the video was shot was apparently flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet to 30,000 feet.

The video shows this object to be moving somewhat alongside the plane. The Youtuber claims that the object seems to be a “biological entity” or a “plasma-based life form living in our upper atmosphere” rather than being some vague unidentified object randomly floating about.

Comparing the footage recorded by the German tourist with other similar “alien/unexplained” sightings recorded this year, he informs the viewers that “These things are being sighted on a daily basis”.

Plasma is matter that is superheated to temperatures, so hot electrons are stripped away, turning into an ionizing gas. It cannot support carbon-based life as there is no atomic structure. Assumptions such as these and that any object that a viewer can’t identify is an “alien UFO” may lead to people rejecting authentic videos due to how many fake videos they have seen. UFO videos need to be taken with a healthy amount of skepticism and the appropriate scientific method to establish authentic evidence.

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