She defends him from aggressive dogs that wanted to attack him and decides to take him in as her son

There are friendships in the world that teach us great lessons, but what sometimes happens between animals of different species is really “zoo-surprising”. They are true bonds of love that know no discrimination or petty interests; real friendships that make no difference, no matter how different their appearance may be; where the only thing that prevails is solidarity, respect, and the desire to help the most helpless.

This is what this protective little monkey and a little dog who was taken in as if he were his own when he needed it most, in the town of Erode, India, know all too well.

Villagers were stunned by what they witnessed between this adorable pair of friends.

The scenes of companionship and camaraderie between the canine and the macaque were so touching that even different local media widely spread them on social networks.

The monkey, without anyone telling him, seems to have taken very seriously his role as adoptive father of the little puppy, he takes care of him and protects him as such, and does not leave him alone at any time.

It all started when one day the monkey could see that the little dog was facing great danger in the middle of a street brawl with other dogs much bigger and more aggressive than him.

It was then that the monkey bravely decided to come to his defense by chasing the dogs away, and from that moment on, he never left his side again, making sure that nothing bad ever happened to him.

Thus, what began as a simple act of solidarity with his street companion, became the noblest act of fatherhood and with a totally different species.

Immediately, he began to play the role of a father by getting food to feed him. But those who witnessed all those scenes were speechless to see that he barely got any food, he would not be quiet until he saw the puppy eat first.

Moreover, while the puppy was eating, the little monkey would watch to see that no other stray dog was prowling around bothering it or trying to steal its food.

Only afterwards would the monkey eat if there was any left over… It’s admirable!

The people of Erode could not help but be moved by the scenes and together they began to feed the pair, becoming a real family between humans, monkeys and dogs, helping each other through thick and thin.

The neighbors told how monkey and dog accompanied each other morning and night. After they had satisfied their empty stomachs, they could be seen taking big naps cuddled together, and at night, enjoying the starry skies and cool breeze.

They could also be seen out together on great adventures in the wild, where the macaque would carry him as if he were her baby to nurse her “new son” in front of the other members of his species.

Undoubtedly, without knowing it, they have given the world the most powerful lesson of solidarity and selfless love. Be sure to share this exemplary story with your loved ones.

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