She discovers her kitten comforting her feline sibling to stop being afraid

Emma Patricia is a great animal lover who has 4 rescued kittens at home. As you can imagine, calm days are not the most common around there, as the mischievous pussies tend to get into mischief. However, one stormy day, kitten Norman taught him an invaluable lesson.

The kitten named Norman showed his big heart.

Norman and Noah are completely inseparable and love to climb into the most unthinkable corners of the house and meow all over the place to get their mother’s attention. However, it’s not all play and mischief when it comes to these two little brothers. Emma managed to capture a unique moment that proved that the friendship between Noah and Norman was much deeper than she could have imagined.

This kitty duo has touched everyone on the interwebs with a cute picture about their reaction to a thunderstorm. Thunder and very loud sounds can be frightening for many animals. Some prefer to jump into their owners’ laps to feel safe or just hide under the bed. These adorable little furries did something very different.

Noah was the latest addition to the big cat family.

Noah came into the family when Emma’s sister found him while enjoying a canoe ride on the river. She heard some tender howling and didn’t hesitate to approach the riverbed in order to save him. Because of his peculiar rescue they decided to name him Noah and in a matter of days he had become one of the family.

It was obvious that beautiful Noah had not had a good time on the streets. Rainy, cold days can be especially devastating for any homeless furry little guy. Thankfully, Noah would never have to spend a night on the streets again. He no longer had to fear the storms.

One day, a storm started and the cute little orange furry fellow set out to watch the rain through the window and began to shiver a little. His faithful friend Norman discovered what was happening and immediately went over to him. Emma was shocked when she saw Norman’s cute gesture.

“Norman had his arm around Noah. They were sitting there watching the storm. Sometimes they hug like that to groom each other but they had never done it that way before. They looked like little thunder buddies,” Emma said.

Not only had she come over to give him support, but she also lifted one of his little paws and sat next to him in a tender embrace. Many people believe that animals don’t fully understand some situations, but this cute gesture showed that this pair of kittens really did have a very special connection. Norman wanted to reassure Noah that he no longer had anything to fear.

Emma knew this was a very special moment, so she reached for her phone and snapped a picture. She was so proud of her kitties that she decided to share what happened via the interwebs.

“It is in difficult moments that the affection and friendship of those around us is put to the test,” commented a user on the networks.

Once he felt the presence of his little brother, Noah was profoundly calm. There’s nothing like a little support from your loved ones to make you feel like everything is going to be okay. It’s a relief to know that Noah managed to survive his perilous life on the riverbank and now has the best family possible.

What do you think of this tender gesture of love? Animals are truly special beings and we have so much to learn from them.

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