“She lay next to her elephant friend until sunset, until her last breath.”

A loyal, faithful, sensitive and best friend is touching hearts for her exemplary and touching gesture to her dying elephant friend, in her last breath.

In the animal kingdom, friendships can arise from any species and they do not differentiate size or color.

Although there are species that due to the order of the food chain do not get along well, the rest have no reason not to relate to each other, especially if they come from difficult situations.

They seem to sense that they have suffered in some way and quickly create connections.

Pancake is a loving little dog who was rescued from the streets in 2014 and brought to Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) in Thailand.

When Katherine Connor, founder and executive director of BLES heard about Pancake, she adopted her and brought her to the shelter.

Luckily, the little dog adapted very well, despite not being remotely elephant-like, and of course, she is aware of everything that goes on inside.

In fact, it is not uncommon for other animals inside BLES to get involved in the important things happening or about to happen.

Boon Thong is an elephant who was rescued from a camp where she was forced to carry tourists on her back. As a result, her spine suffered a lot of damage and was on the verge of snapping.

Fortunately, she arrived at BLES at the age of 60, but she was able to lead a peaceful life and learn to know the things she liked and take walks among the trees.

When she arrived she was completely exhausted, but the environment gave her a new life.

Boon Thong, upon arrival made a connection with another elderly elephant named Sao Noi, who sadly passed away two years ago.

When Sao Noi was about to cross the rainbow, Boon Thong accompanied her, stood next to her and stroked her with his trunk to let her know she was accompanied.

Boon Thong really suffered the departure of her friend.

It wouldn’t be long before it was poor Boon Thong’s turn. Her past of mistreatment took its toll on her and, sadly, she also had to prepare to leave this world.

But, fortunately, she was not alone in her ordeal either.

Pancake sensed that something was going on and when she saw that Boon Thong was feeling unwell, she remained faithful and steadfast by his side.

He simply kept her company, but there was nothing that would make her leave her alone. Thus, both Katherine and Pancake finally took on the task of accompanying her in her last days.

A highly emotional task, but one that surely made Boon Thong feel comforted.

On Boon Thong’s last day, Pancake and Katherine were by her side for 9 hours without faltering

“Katherine Connor sat by Boon Thong’s side for nine hours, comforting her and surrounding her with love. Pancake, with that beautiful heart, never once left Katherine or Boon Thong alone, she knew she was needed, to offer support and stayed quietly by the elephant’s side, until sunset, until her last breath,” were the emotional words written by BLES staff on their social media.

Boon Thong, who after many years learned to take control of her life, to discover her tastes and to create her own routines, was buried on the sanctuary grounds.

As a tribute, her grave was flooded with fruits and flowers, and her body will rest near the body of her good friend Sao Noi, and in the place where she could finally be happy and lead a full life.

This fact that moved the world in 2018, was later remembered by Evelyn Conor, with an even more emotional message:

“Love is love: honest, true and without limits. These moments stay with you forever. A soul as special as Boon Thong stays with you always. I think of her so often and how special she was.”

It is a touching story that shows us that the heart of animals has no limits, being the most loyal and faithful, at the time of death and pain.

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