She lost half of her face but is unrecognizable after finding a loving home

Haddie lost half of her face after she was used as bait for dog fights. For a long time she was in the hands of abusers who caused her a lot of pain.

To her owners, she was nothing more than an object of entertainment, and they had no remorse or sensitivity for her situation.

Haddie grew up in such an unhealthy environment that she was left with permanent scars. Her face was completely disfigured, with one eye missing and damage to much of her muzzle, while she suffered, others gambled and feasted on it.

She lost half of her face in dog fights but now enjoys a new opportunity.

The life of this brave little dog was very hard, but everything turned around when it seemed that there was no hope for her. Her rescue was made possible by Mutt Scouts, a shelter for abused dogs.

Although her transformation was fraught with hardship, her life was saved and she was now surrounded by people who gave her all the love she had never received.

This adorable little dog was given a second chance, a few days after her rescue she was transferred to Southern California, to Mutt Scouts Dog Rescue, where she started a new process.

She underwent multiple surgeries to improve her health, with infinite care and love, hope was reborn.

Her recovery process was very costly, but fortunately, she had the support of charitable souls who paid all her medical bills.

Erin Williams, a 36-year-old woman from Washington DC, heard the dog’s story and from the first moment she saw her, she was drawn to her unusual appearance.

She wanted to be part of her recovery process and make her a member of her family, so she didn’t hesitate to adopt her.

“They had to remove part of her skin and one eye to save her life. Basically, she was already rotting. I’ve seen before pictures and it’s really gruesome. The injuries came from forced attacks from other dogs,” Erin Williams said.

Throughout, Williams was willing to care for the puppy and make her feel safe in her new home.

“A lot of the medical care happened before I adopted her. When I got her, her face was still healing, so my job was to make sure the affected area was okay,” Williams noted.

As expected, it took a long time for her wounds to heal completely and for her to adapt to her new home, she needed to feel confident and interact with other furry dogs without fear.

Little by little, her fear was disappearing and she trusted her new family completely, now she is a very sociable dog that loves to have all the attention.

Although some people look at her a bit puzzled, for Erin her dog is the bravest and most beautiful dog in the world. She’s had to admit to some harsh comments or unwanted stares, but they just keep going without anything to disturb her walks.

“Haddie is always there to remind me that it’s time to get out of the house for a walk, and she’s always up for a nap,” Erin said.

Today this adorable little dog enjoys being the darling of the house, she has taught her mother to enjoy life’s little pleasures like sleep, a simple treat, or enjoying a sunset in a comfortable spot. Erin finally added:

“Just knowing she is safe and loved is enough to make me happy. Today she’s enjoying life for the first time, so she gets to be a little puppy. She always looks like she’s smiling. I personally find her adorable, and I’m thankful that a lot of people do too.”

After a past full of misfortune, she certainly deserves a loving home. Many congratulations, little Haddie.


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