She wanders the streets like a “Walking Skeleton” and hangs her head in shame

This dog was neglected and homeless. Covered in mange, her skin looked like it could give up at any second.

Animals are carefully handled by Animal Aid before being set free. They used a blanket to gently grasp her, identify her, and then deposit her in their mobile clinic for boarding.

She was immediately taken to see doctors, where she realized they were there to help her. After this sudden realization, her whole demeanor changed. She no longer felt shame or alone.

A physician would create a treatment plan after a medical diagnosis. She required more sleep and a high-calorie diet, to begin with.

When the dog was finally able to eat, it must have been like the greatest present imaginable. And there were times when she would consume two or three bowls of food! She stated that it yearned for a long time in her life when she had enough to eat.

Although there are claims that home remedies can treat mange, the most effective method of treatment is with medicated baths and antibiotics.

Animal Aid’s objective is to find loving homes for cats and dogs in need of a good home. If they are not adopted, these companions may live out their lives in peace at the sanctuary, thanks to the quiet atmosphere.

Click the video below to watch Mary’s rescue and the incredible work of Animal Aid!

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