Shelter dog that everyone laughs at for looking like a “hippopotamus”, struggles to please someone

All living beings need that love that makes us feel happy and loved. And of course a dog is no exception, they only ask to be loved to repay it with their loyalty and affection.

The biggest problem is that people choose their future pets based on their looks, preferring to adopt the cutest puppy while overlooking less attractive dogs.

Wally is an adorable puppy, who when he first arrived at the Islip Town Animal Shelter in Long Island, New York, was very weak. Everyone realized that this was a dog who had been through some very difficult experiences in his life.

The poor dog had experienced nothing but rejection because he was considered ugly.

The shelter staff said that Wally was a sweet boy of 10 years, most of which he had probably lived most of them on the streets without knowing a real home.

All Wally wanted was for someone to love him, and the shelter was willing to give him the care, attention and love he needed.

When this puppy arrived he was blind in one eye and had a severe skin infection, in addition to other problems affecting his health. At first glance, Wally was a different dog.

The rescue team was concerned that his particular appearance would scare away potential families for adoption. However, they didn’t give up hope that they would get to see the wonderful dog they had quickly fallen in love with.

Wally turned out to have an amazing personality and was a favorite pet among the shelter workers.

“He loves to drool and will do anything to get some food. He also likes to hang out and do nothing,” said Danielle Gorle, a veterinary technician at the Islip Town Animal Shelter.

Days went by and he kept waiting at the shelter begging to please someone. He was really trying hard to be a good boy, but no one seemed to like him very much.

“Wally is an amazing dog, a bit of a walrus / hippo / rhino, who really just needs an accepting home to spend his golden years in!” said Jen, another shelter volunteer.

“He’s a bit of a pap and a favorite of the volunteers.”

Despite all the best efforts of the staff working at the shelter, that lifestyle was beginning to take its toll on this cuddly older dog.

The saddest thing is that so much rejection was beginning to affect his self-esteem. On this, they commented:

“He seems to be getting sad. He was happier when he first came in. He likes it when he goes out, but he seems to get depressed in his kennel,” said Danielle.

It was urgent to find him a family who understood his medical needs, but other than that, all Wally wanted was a little love, confident that he would reciprocate in spades.

He just wanted to be accepted for who he is.

Unfortunately, very few were able to see the poor dog’s inner beauty. He had to wait a year to find a home. Because besides not liking him so much for his looks, he needed to be the only pet and didn’t work well with other animals.

But cute Wally, finally got his well-deserved happy ending.

A month after he went viral, the shelter announced that Wally had finally found his forever home. It seemed hard to believe!

“He’s relaxing comfortably and looking great! We are so happy for our boy who suffered so much,” they wrote from the shelter.

All the waiting was worth it. And Wally’s owners can’t believe that no one had ever seen all the beauty he was hiding before. It’s a proof that all dogs deserve a second chance.

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