Shelter receives very sick “skeleton with skin” and asks for help to save its life

The staff of a shelter was really shocked with the puppy that came into their hands. She was just “skeleton and skin” and immediately, they begged for help in the networks asking for collaboration to save her life.

When we think of a malnourished dog, the image of one frighteningly thin, in pure bones is the one that usually comes to mind.

The cause of malnutrition in dogs is due to lack of adequate nutrition. A dog in a street situation usually survives by eating scraps of food that it finds available.

The poor creature that arrived at the shelter in bones needed urgent attention.

Over a week ago, the Humane Society of Danville, Virginia, USA, took in one of these long-suffering furries, a female dog with her ribs exposed. Her physical condition was frankly heartbreaking to see.

The distressed dog had been rescued by the animal welfare organization just like any other street dog. However, she had a collar on, proving that, in some cases, there are malnourished dogs with homes. At one time she was someone’s pet who, for some reason, let her go.

No one can believe that she has had the worst owners in the world.

“Do you know this dog? He was picked up as a stray and taken to us. He’s literally a skeleton with fur and skin. He has a collar, so we know he had a home,” spokespeople for the Humane Society in Virginia wrote in a post.

This is a phenomenon that is generally generated by a lack of understanding and commitment, but also by a lack of empathy on the part of the person responsible for the animal with respect to its nutritional needs.

Different dogs need different diets to maintain and thrive with a healthy body.

She had a family and they left her almost to the point of starvation. Their wickedness knows no bounds!

Members of the same organization took the animal in, visibly concerned about the severely weak and thin state this sweet little dog was in.

She was quickly taken to a specialized clinic for treatment. They also took the opportunity to describe what they felt when they saw her.

“Frankly, it gives the impression that she had a lousy home. It was very sad to see the state in which she arrived. Now she is going to be transferred to a veterinary clinic. She is very sweet,” they said.

Several hours later, the shelter provided an update on the dog’s health status, through a very punctual medical report.

Fortunately, she seems to be recovering satisfactorily and has already started eating food, which is a very good sign.

“Her temperature has improved slightly. Her blood work showed some concerns that will be closely monitored. She ate and that is a very good thing. She is being treated for a heavy internal parasite infestation,” the veterinarian reported.

She will have to stay in the hospital for a few more days. That is the best and safest place for her for now. She receives a lot of love and attention from all the staff at the clinic. She is really a very tender and humble dog.

The team of the shelter that received her and rescued her from the opprobrium of the streets hopes that someone recognizes the animal and comes forward with some information. They have also published her coordinates so that they can contact them. And if they don’t come for her, they are sure they can find her a good home.

The more defenseless a creature is, the more rights it has to be protected by man, against man’s cruelty. Enough of so much indolence against these poor souls!

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