Sick, blind stray kitten desperately cries out for help, ignored by everyone

A blind and sick stray kitten was screaming for help in front of an old apartment building in Bulgaria, in terrible distress and desperate for help.

She was in terrible distress and desperate for help, but everyone who saw and heard her, kept walking without stopping. How could they be capable of such indifference to a creature that only cried out for a little compassion and mercy?

Until, fortunately for the little girl, Stoyan and Dessy decided not to pass by.

Desperate and nervous, this little kitten longed for a little help.


This couple is known for being true animal lovers who actively seek out stray cats to save and help. We all know that the life of any creature on the streets is not at all encouraging.

In the midst of helplessness, hunger and desolation, they have to fend for themselves, without taking into account all the dangers to which they are exposed. This is particularly serious and fills us with helplessness, when humans do not sympathize and pretend it is not with them.

But Stoyan and Dessy are one of those noble souls who every day go on the trail of endangered animals in their neighborhood. They help these cats in need and are working to eventually open their own shelter.

Once in Dessie’s arms, the little orphan got the comfort she so desperately needed.

When they found the blind, terrified kitten, they could hardly believe that no one had done anything to help her. She was so tiny, fearful and helpless, and her little tummy was painfully swollen.

The kitten’s eyes were completely closed due to a nasty eye infection, leaving her blind and struggling with hunger, the dangers of the streets and people’s indifference.

Ignored by all, this kitten in distress was lucky like few others

The little kitten was crying and crying and Dessie gently took the little creature in her arms and carried her to the vet.

The little kitten was so relieved to finally be getting help and so exhausted from all the fear and pain she had been in, that after Dessie picked her up, the kitten fell asleep in her hands and didn’t wake up until they got to the vet.

Thanks to the vet’s help, the little girl was able to open her eyes again.

Dessie and Stoyan made sure the kitten received all the medical attention she needed, including her vaccinations. The vet cleaned the kitten’s eyes and helped her with the eye infection. Her eyes are now partially open and she can finally see the world again.

Now, she is staying with Dessie and Stoyan and they are doing everything they can to make her as safe and happy as possible.

Thanks to Dessie and Stoyan, this little kitty will be just fine. The little cat is getting stronger and healthier with each passing day, and she will always love her two heroes for showing compassion and saving her life.

She never imagined meeting such good people who would radically change her destiny.

Dessie and Stoyan dream of opening a shelter so they can help more cats in need. At the moment, they are paying for everything they do with their own money and with the help of some donations.

They are making a real difference in the world and we are so glad that people like them exist.

Once she is ready to be adopted, her rescuers will put her in the right hands.

It fills us with hope and comfort that there are still people like this, able to selflessly help other little animals. Good deeds like this should be an inspiration to everyone.

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