Sick stray dog offers her paw to strangers begging for help for her and her friend

Being a stray dog is not easy. Unfortunately, the number of strays in the world is increasing by leaps and bounds. And the fact is, these innocent little lomitos shouldn’t even be called that. Let’s face it, they are not street animals, they are mostly abandoned pets.

One of these vulnerable, rough-looking, sickly-looking furries, struggling to survive in the loneliness of the street, was Elsa. But even though she didn’t have a home, she was not alone….

The sick puppy offered her paw to strangers, but refused to be saved if they didn’t help her friend too.

Luckily, on the other side of these stories, true heroes without capes emerge, like the volunteers of Ray Animal Rescue in Romania.

The organization, founded and directed by Raisa Giulia, really goes out of its way to change the fate of hundreds of animals in need of special care and love.

One day, Raisa and her team were alerted to a large bald dog. They were lucky when suddenly, the little dog approached them with a gesture that broke their hearts completely.

“I think she knew we were trying to help her,” Raisa said.

But while she was crying out to be saved, in reality her request came with a very important condition: THAT THEY RESCUE HER FRIEND.

Elsa counted on the unconditional friendship of another puppy they named Hugo.

Apparently, the little dog had learned to offer her paw to strangers, to see if, in a stroke of luck, she could find the help she had needed for a long time. But sadly, until her heroes arrived, no one had come to her rescue.

Elsa would not move if they left her best friend behind.

Have you ever seen a greater example of loyalty and brotherhood? They were brothers in pain, hunger and desolation. And although she was the one who needed much more attention, she would not leave without Hugo, even if it meant not even being saved.

Thank goodness these heroes were logically going to do her bidding, and take them both away.

Elsa’s skin problem was worse than the rescuers thought.

Raisa noticed that the baldness affected most of Elsa’s body. She was sure that some kind of mite was the cause. They took both dogs to the vet, where they examined her and saw that there was almost no hair left on Elsa’s reddened skin.

But in just 6 months, Elsa would undergo the most magical transformation ever brought about by love.

Ray Animal Rescue focused on intensive treatment consisting of gentle medical baths, so that Elsa could find a forever home as soon as possible. But Hugo was a healthy puppy and truth be told, he was starting to become more independent, and was ready to be found a home.

In the process, Hugo was adopted. It hurt a lot to separate them, but it would take Elsa longer to recover, and Hugo couldn’t be denied the perfect family who wanted to take him as soon as possible.

Luckily, Elsa became the most loving and beautiful being ever, she looked more like a princess from a fairy tale, than the hairless creature that once begged for help.

Raisa then found her a foster home so she could get used to living under a roof, before she was placed with her forever family.

Elsa’s foster family immediately began to love the sweet little dog.

Andreea and Maria were her foster moms. But what do you think happened? What would have happened to any animal lover. Well, they failed as foster mothers, and fell madly in love with Elsa.

In fact, when a family willing to adopt her came to meet the puppy, they burst into tears. They couldn’t imagine a life without her, so before it was too late, they decided to adopt her for good.

The giant-sized and giant-souled dog is now happily in the hands of Andreea and Maria.

Both Andreea and Maria adore their Elsa, whom they affectionately call Elsie. With her new white fur coat and her new loving home, she has nothing more to ask for.

She is the most grateful creature, aware of having gone from hell, to the fullest and happiest life she never even imagined.

Elsie is now a loving little dog, majestically white and fluffy, with thousands of followers on Instagram.

Absolutely all doggies deserve endings this happy. A thousand thanks to these heroes without capes who manage to work true miracles of love. The world needs more souls like this.


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