Starving puppy living in the ruins wags her tail to ask rescuers for help

Domestic animals that are not fortunate enough to live under the protection of a family are sadly exposed to many dangers.

But, the story of this helpless dog encourages us to continue hoping for great things from humanity.

This is Arnia, a mongrel who fought for her life to stay in this world until some charitable souls took pity on her.

The dog lived among the ruins before she was rescued.

The poor dark-haired mongrel was emaciated and dehydrated in the bitter cold of December, but she was not alone.

She was found with three other furry dogs that appeared to be her siblings. The dogs also showed signs of neglect, but it was Arnia who had borne the brunt of it.

Howl Of A Dog volunteers were heartbroken to see her, as her eyes seemed to be screaming for mercy.

The litter of puppies was found in the ruins of an old garage. With little strength to walk, the furry one kept wagging her tail as she realized that help had finally arrived.

As Arnia regained some strength amidst a pile of rubble, her heroes saw her for the first time and were devastated.

Those hard, stinging slabs were her only cushion and that of her other little companions.

The scene moved the rescuers, but they were also surprised to see that the supportive little dog pulled out her little strength to stand up and go to tell the other canines of her arrival.

Arnia knew that a favorable change would come not only for her, but for her companions, and that is exactly what happened.

These generous people rescued the other furry ones, two of them also females.

They named them Alma and Anuka.

The volunteers who had that first contact with the litter were touched by the docility with which the dog and her friends allowed themselves to be helped.

Despite the mistreatment they may have experienced in the past, these little ones were grateful and determined to be rescued.

All Arnia wanted was a chance to be truly happy.

The dog was taken to a shelter where a specialist evaluated her medical condition, and she received a comforting bath and food.

In the midst of so much attention, Arnia wagged her tail in gratitude but succumbed to fatigue, the little one was happy but only wanted to sleep.

The rest and the good care she received helped her recover from the critical state she was in and her companions also received support.

Arnia was between 2 and 3 years old and weighed less than 6 kilos.

But with the selfless care of her heroes, this warrior managed to regain weight during the first few weeks at the shelter. She also overcame the trauma to one of her front paws.

One month after the rescue, Arnia was happily running around the shelter’s garden.

Now her tail was wagging with joy because of all the love and attention she was receiving. Life changed for this little dog thanks to the good will of her rescuers, but nothing would have been possible if it weren’t for her great strength, and that’s how she got her name.

“Arnia means as strong as an eagle and that’s exactly how this sweet warrior turned out to be,” says her rescuer.

Watch in this video how was the emotional rescue of this hungry dog sleeping on a pile of slabs:

We are pleased to be multipliers of these great stories of overcoming and we only wish that with our work there are many more people who join such a noble cause.

Now a promising future awaits Arnia and her sisters. We encourage you to rescue the furry ones who are begging for a little help and give them back their hope.


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