Strange “tarantulas with wings” appear causing panic in the population

There are many animal species whose appearance is not at all charming and attractive, but that does not mean that they are harmful to humans, on the contrary, they are responsible for maintaining the ecological balance in many aspects. Such is the case of a strange animal with wings, whose image terrified many Internet users.

All living beings have beauty and an important function.

Through the social networks, a whirlwind of publications has been created in which photographs of a winged insect that has been given the erroneous name of “winged tarantula” have been appearing very frequently lately in the United States, and in a suspicious way, its dissemination has been exacerbated in the days close to Halloween.

In reality, they are a species known by the scientific name of “Antheraea polyphemus”, and they have an extremely interesting and important job, such as leaving their small eggs on the leaves of trees, but they are also unlucky in that they are often eaten by squirrels.

They fulfill a great function

And the unfounded fear of the people evidenced in the many photographs that have circulated has allowed many institutions to express their opinion about the animal, to try to offer calm. Experts warn by explaining that it is neither a spider nor a tarantula, but a simple moth with hairy legs.

“It is one of the largest moths in existence and the upper surface of the wings is various shades of reddish brown, gray, light brown or yellowish brown with transparent eyespots,” expressed a representative from the University of Florida.

The “Antheraea polyphemus” can measure up to approximately 15 centimeters, and although it is very common and mostly inhabits the United States, it can also be found in other countries such as Canada and the northern part of Mexico. But fear is free, and even many people are still anxious about the insect.

“What would you do if you found this Antheraea Polyphemus, which is basically a tarantula with wings, in your home?” asked one frightened user.

It deserves to be respected

So, the next time you see these little animals, you don’t have to run away in panic, since the bad reputation they have earned is mostly due to ignorance, rather than any bad experience you may have had with one of them.

Nature is wise and every animal and plant species that exists has a function to fulfill, and humans must get used to live in harmony with other living beings with whom we share the planet.

Share this interesting story with all your friends, family and acquaintances so that they can marvel at the variety of animal species with which we coexist.

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