Stray dog falls down and cries when she discovers that they arrived just in time to save her

Every homeless dog anxiously awaits the chance to change her life, one in which she can live with dignity and be showered with hundreds of cuddles to remind her how special she is. Just as it happened to a helpless furry dog in Costa Rica.

The dog was waiting to be rescued from the streets.

Puppy cries tears of joy as she thanks the people who stopped to rescue her.

If roads around the world could talk, they would tell the stories of hundreds of homeless animals that roam the roads, waiting for help to improve their quality of life.

Tania Cappelluti lives in Costa Rica and is the founder of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue. She was driving calmly in her car when she noticed a scrawny little dog that was fainting under the intense sun.

Without thinking, he dropped everything and got out of his car to help the furry dog, giving her some water and food. However, this gesture of friendship was something completely new for the little dog; she was too shy and was used to being ignored, so she did not accept the water.

That was the first rapprochement between Tania and the puppy. The rescuer was not willing to let her continue to suffer, so she got into her car to return with the help of members of other associations and animal shelters.

“We decided to go looking for her again, this time with the help of Olivia and Blendan. Janina from Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions told me she could take her to Finca Morpho, to a temporary home,” said Tania.

Back on the road, Tania and her friends got out of their vehicle and were greeted by the little dog in the most emotional way. This time, the little girl understood that good people still exist; they were there to help her and that made her cry with joy and gratitude.

“When I jumped out of the car to check on her, she immediately fell to the ground and started crying,” the rescuer recalled.

The rescuers were immensely touched by Gaia’s reaction, so they decided to call her affectionately. She needed urgent help; she was underweight, terribly dehydrated and had lots of fleas and ticks.

Innocent Gaia was so exhausted she could hardly stand up. But her situation had no effect on her kind soul that was eager to receive and give love. All it took was a little care and cuddling for her to radically transform.

“She was so sweet and gentle that we all fell in love with her immediately!” says Tania.

All the love she received made her eyes and skin glow again. She was ready to find a forever home, so she was moved to a beautiful farm until they could find her a good human willing to take care of her forever.

Fortunately, very soon a nice woman, originally from France, was touched by Gaia’s story and decided to adopt her to make up for it with lots of love. She now lives in the region of Puerto Jimenez, enjoys living in a huge house and has even learned some amazing tricks.

Gaia already knows how to wave with her paw!

Her new human mother’s name is Johanne Froment and she has two loving feline siblings, Tigré and Sacha, with whom she loves to walk on the paradisiacal beaches of the Central American country.

Her past is behind her and now she only focuses on being happy.

Johanne is fascinated by the beautiful dog’s friendly personality. Gaia loves to play and be showered with hugs and kisses, and now she has a mom willing to shower her with all the love she desires.

No doubt this is just the beginning of a happy life for Gaia, congratulations beautiful, you deserve a loving family and much more!

Just like Gaia, there are hundreds of amazing animals on the streets, eager to show a family how amazing and faithful they are. Never ignore homeless puppies and encourage animal adoption!

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