Stray dog knows happiness thanks to the stone he found in his way

That a little dog and a stone find happiness together would seem more like something out of the mind of a fairy tale writer. However, in this case, this encounter between two kingdoms is a happy reality.

This little dog found happiness in a stone.

This is the story of a very playful canine named “Firulais Balboa”, who in a matter of minutes went viral when he was captured playing with a stone. Yes, with a stone the doggy made the hearts of thousands of cybernauts vibrate.

This memorable video is circulating on social networks, proving that dogs are not only man’s best friend. Their candor goes much further and they are able to find joy in any object, even in a medium-sized stone.

“Doggies can find happiness in anything, and for proof this stray who turns a stone into his favorite toy, demonstrating that, to have fun, all it takes is a good attitude and any object works” reads the clip.

The images first appeared on the Meta Woof Woof Woof TV page, accompanied by the above sentence. In them, the dynamic Firulais can be seen pushing and rolling the ball-like stone at will.

Thus, the lack of toys was not an obstacle for the little dog to have a lot of fun with his new stone.

He managed as best he could to distract himself with the first thing he found on the road, and with that he settled in people’s hearts.

So far, the video of the little dog and his beloved stone has reached a ceiling of more than two million views. Additionally, the images already have just over 123 thousand thumbs up and hundreds of comments.

“Looks like the little dog is training with his stone – he’s got strong paws, Firulais Balboa,” wrote one of the netizens on the post.

From the point of view of canine psychology, it is known that, generally, the main cause of this type of behavior is due to the issue of habit. For example, puppies love to nibble and play with almost anything.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a rock, a wooden stick or an ordinary branch. Many caregivers believe that the game of tug and fetch is not risky. However, the reality is that this type of practice can become obsessive.

However, if it is a larger dog, it is possible that the puppy in question may injure its paws or muzzle when playing with a stone. This could even lead to serious injuries and even oral infections.

He can also lose his teeth forever. However, the most alarming danger is that he swallows them, intentionally or unintentionally. This can lead to severe intestinal obstructions in a pet’s body.

If action is not taken quickly and in time, the pet could die from drowning. Fortunately, none of this happened in the case of Firulais. At no time did the cute little dog cause any harm to himself, but he was very happy.

Firulais is a very sweet little dog. He just wanted to have a good time, play and have fun with his favorite rocky toy. His attitude was an example to many people of what it means to be happy with the simplest things in life.

It is a beautiful scene like few others and it definitely became a success spread all over the Internet. Truly, an eye drop for the eyes of all viewers eager for beautiful stories to remember.

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