Stray dog with a tumor who knew love in his final days until his last breath

Every dog deserves a dignified life, especially when facing difficult times, such as suffering from a tumor. Not all furry dogs have the joy of growing up in a loving home, but even behind the biggest storm there is a beautiful rainbow of hope.

Gus the dog got a second chance at life when he least expected it.

Gus was a beautiful little dog who lived for a long time in the cold and stormy streets of Texas, USA. Until he was rescued by S.N.A.R.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast, located in New York.

To rescue Gus, they had to move him from Texas to New York City.

Gus’ case was not like that of the other puppies the association’s volunteers had taken in before. The streets took a toll on his health, causing him to develop a cancerous tumor very close to one of his eyes.

The caregivers of the place devoted themselves to pampering and caring for the little furry dog. He had to undergo radiotherapy sessions and also suffered from a disease called heartworm.

Despite his many ailments, Gus’ pure heart was intact. He was the friendliest and warmest dog in the entire association; it was simply impossible not to fall in love with him, and because of that, his cause touched the hearts of thousands of people.

“FUNDS ARE NEEDED! I don’t know how anyone can see a dog in this condition and do nothing. Gus will need to see our specialists for surgery and will require extensive medical care. PLEASE HELP US HELP GUS,” the association asked internet users through their social networks.

Thousands of people supported Gus, both financially and emotionally. It was risky to place the anesthesia in his body, but the members of the association decided to do everything to try to give him a better quality of life.

Gus’s operation was a success and fate had much happiness in store for him.

After his successful operation, the little furry boy had to continue receiving chemotherapy and, in addition, to cope with his heart condition. But even so, he was ready to be fostered permanently in a loving home.

Gus was put up for adoption and his permanent family showered him with thousands of cuddles. He became the baby of the house, where he loved to spend big marathons in front of the TV; being by his side was like having a perfectly polite and loving gentleman.

He loved children and making friends of all species.

Gone was this little dog’s gloomy past. Now, instead of the cold of the night, he could sleep in a plush bed and never go hungry again, for he could enjoy as many hot hamburgers as he wanted.

He had it all and became the whole world of his family. As if that wasn’t enough, even after his adoption he continued to have the support of the association’s specialists, having his own home nurse who made sure to tuck him into bed every night.

They say that the best things in life are short and this happened to Gus. A few months after being adopted, he passed away at the age of 12, leaving an indelible mark on the people who had the joy of knowing his inspiring story of struggle.

“I will miss tucking you in to sleep every night with your blue blanket. I wish we had more time together, your health deteriorated so quickly. But if I learned anything from you, it was how to act selflessly, so I could hear you when you told me it was your time to go. I hope you’re napping in the sun now, dear Gus,” wrote the furry nurse.

There is no doubt, the only really valuable and important thing in life is to spread love through actions that end the sadness of the most innocent, those who have the biggest hearts and only wish to be reciprocated.

When you find a homeless animal in the streets, don’t ignore it; become that helping hand it needs.

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