Student poses with her dog in emotional graduation photo, he helped her reach the finish line

A dog is that faithful companion that will be by your side at any moment of your life, the one that will be happy for your triumphs and will try to cheer you up in your sadness. Although few know it, their acute sense of smell is what makes them distinguish our mood and in the case of a nursing student’s pet, that ability is super developed.

This is Spex, a corgi who became the best therapy dog for his human.

Amme Nepomucemo, the person responsible for this dog, has not had an easy year. Like the rest of the world, she had to deal with the uncertainty of confinement due to Covid-19 and all the aftermath of this pandemic, including the complicated end of a university career.

Before the world came to a standstill, Amme was in her final year of school to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She was determined to make it to the finish line and become the nurse she had always dreamed of, but everything was complicated by the arrival of the pandemic.

However, her dog was in charge of cheering her up.

The rhythm of the classes changed and all the new difficulties she had to face led her to suffer from stress. At some point she even thought that all was lost and she would not be able to graduate, but then her loving dog Spex came into action and helped her to get through.

The dog was the best ally in her project.

For those who have a dog at home, it’s logical to understand how important that companionship can be at times like that.

“Of course, when I was feeling stressed, just having him around motivated me more,” Ms. Nepomucemo confessed.

But it turns out that this little ball of fur was more than just company, as strange as it may seem the dog served the student in her practices during confinement. With a great wave of contagions in the city, the young woman could not attend the hospitals to render service, since she was not allowed to do so because she was not a graduate.

“With nursing school during COVID, I had to be creative in practicing my skills, so sometimes I would do evaluations on Spex during internships,” Nepomuceno said.

But this faithful dog was not only supportive of his human during the last year, but from the first moment he came into her life.

Spex has been by Amme’s side during the whole race and for that reason when the day came the girl decided that this achievement was also hers.

He also deserved to hold that title.

The nurse shared her triumph with the dog and the best way to celebrate it was to make him part of the graduation photo session. Since it was a very special date, this graduating canine had to dress up according to the moment and for them Spex posed with a cap and gown made to fit him.

Although the dog didn’t seem to understand what was going on, he was happy to show off with his mommy this curious outfit.

With amusing photographs, Amme celebrated her shared triumph with her best friend.

With a black bandana hanging from his little neck, Spex said goodbye to nursing classes and pleased mom by giving her the cutest graduation memories.

“I love all the pictures. He’s such a big baby, he’s my everything,” Nepomucemo said.

Although in theory the session was to celebrate the girl’s achievement, from her humility Amme couldn’t help but recognize how fundamental her dog was in this goal; and without a doubt, that the corgi ended up winning everyone’s attention in the peculiar photographs.

Now more confident, Spex posed happily in front of the camera.

Amme and Spex make a fantastic team, so surely this will be just one of many triumphs they will achieve together. There is no doubt that the girl loves her dog and we are immensely pleased to know that there are people who are so grateful to their pets.

Let’s always give our furry ones the treatment and recognition they deserve in our lives, they are for us true angels here on earth, love them!

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