Sweet puppy with huge 30 cm snout becomes an Internet sensation

Social networks are capable of catapulting to fame characters never imagined and this time the stroke of luck has touched a little dog, whose peculiar muzzle has admired his followers. Her name is Eris and with her tenderness and uniqueness she has amazed her followers, all of them highlight the length of her snout.

The dog’s snout is 30 centimeters long.

Eris is a white barzoi who lives in Richmond, Virginia (United States), and although dogs of her breed usually have a long snout compared to other furry dogs, none of them is as big as our dog.

Of course, there is no difference for her and neither for her mother Lily Kambourian, who loves her with or without her big snout.

How can you not love her with how cute she is?

In fact, fearing that her bite would close her doors, her owner decided to take her home and adopted her as a puppy.

From the very beginning she knew she had to have her by her side.

“Eris was born into a litter of three in Keysville, Virginia. When we went to visit the puppies, it was obvious that she might have an overbite. That would rule her out for any dog show, since it’s a genetic defect. But that didn’t bother us. She came right up to us and sat on [Savannah’s] lap,” Lily explained.

The dog’s full name is “Madame Eris Overbite, Queen of the Snoots” and Lily said she decided to name her Eris after the Greek goddess of fighting and discord. But none of this defines the cuddly furry girl.

The owner started sharing pictures of the dog on her social networks because she loves her pet, but she never imagined that this would make her famous.

Currently, Eris’ Instagram profile has more than 254K followers.

The fame of has knocked on the door of this family in a surprising way and Lily herself says that people often stop them on the street surprised by the muzzle of the little dog.

“We get stopped a lot when we’re walking Eris because most people are trying to figure out what breed she is, but we’ve started finding paths in the neighborhood where we can actually go for a walk,” she said.

Despite the prognosis the vets gave her when she was tiny, beautiful Eris is a pretty healthy furry nearly 5 feet long.

We were warned when she was a puppy that she might be having dental problems, where her teeth would dig into her gums and she might need canine extraction. But she just walked right on by. There’s no problem with her long nose,” Lily said.

The only difference with her particular snout is that she finishes her treats much faster than any other canine. This little dog is large in size but has a very playful personality and can even be intimidated by smaller dogs.

“She can get very nervous around small dogs. Sometimes she gets cranky but she is so silly and charming because borzoi are very quiet. I don’t think we’ve ever really heard her bark,” noted the owner.

Lily tells us a little more about her little dog’s personality.

“She’s very good at sticking her nose into very small spaces between couches, fences or people enjoying a meal at a table, so her pointy nose is advantageous there.”

Although not yet proven, this may be the dog with the longest nose in the world but the proper paperwork must be followed for her to be given recognition. Lily never thought such a thing would be possible.

“We hadn’t really considered having Eris checked by the registrars, although we wouldn’t be against doing something like that after the world is more normal. But we’re not entirely sure how to go about it, to be honest!” the owner noted.

Although fame was not part of the itinerary, Eris and her mother enjoy the attentions of people, although the woman prefers her little dog to lead a normal life.

She adopted the furry dog because of the connection they immediately established and also for fear of being rejected with such a long snout, now it turns out that this particularity has made her a much more special canine to the world.

Eris is such a lovely pet, let’s hope her mommy continues to share her videos and so many funny scenes with all her followers.

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