The cat took her sister to the woman who treated her well to seek help

Milena, a volunteer with Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a cat rescue organization in Montreal, Canada, was on her way to meet another volunteer when she chose to take a different route after leaving a veterinary clinic. The woman observed a gray cat staring at her with interest, and the kitty, seeing the care she was receiving, took her baby sister with her.

Milena summoned the inquisitive feline and approached her with bated breath. The woman gave her some lunch, which she gladly accepted.

While merrily eating, the kitten came to a halt in the middle of the meal and began to meow and purr.

Celine explains:

“At first, Milena believed the kitten was delighted to have something to eat, making pleasant tiny meows, but then she heard another cat approaching from behind.”

Another black and white cat emerged out of nowhere next to Milena and promptly joined the feast; obviously the gray kitten’s meows were an invitation to her sister to eat. The woman felt fortunate to be at that location at that moment.

Fortunately, she had an empty pet carrier with her, and she had just finished transporting a cat to the clinic, so everything appeared to fall into place.

Milena moved in closer to caress them and saw how affectionate they were. The lovely kittens appeared to realize that they would be secure and about to leave street life behind as soon as they finished feeding and rubbed themselves gratefully on the mother.

Celine continued:

‘They were presumably from the same litter and were less than a year old. There was no trace of a microchip. Freya (gray) and Keisha (black and white) are their names.

Freya soon gave birth to four preterm infants, all of whom died despite heroic efforts to rescue them. After this traumatic incident, the sisters decided that they would never walk the streets again and were sterilized.

They rapidly adjusted to life as indoor cats in the foster household. Keisha stayed with Freya after the traumatic encounter, consoling her and making her feel comfortable.

Sweet Keisha wanted to wash her sister’s face after the sterilizing treatment, but the cones made it impossible.

Celine expressed herself as follows:

They have an extremely close relationship. They are always together and compliment each other.

Freya seeks comfort in her sister, and the two may be seen resting against one other, cones in hand, as they spend the day gazing out the window. Since their arrival at the foster home, the adorable sisters have flourished; they are mischievous and extremely active.

Celine continued:

“Freya is nice and peaceful, whereas Keisha is lively, inquisitive, and boisterous.” They make an ideal couple. Keisha has no fear of heights and enjoys climbing the cat tree. He has a harsh meow that becomes quiet at times. Freya is laid-back, and she enjoys hugging and rubbing her head on her loved ones in the hopes of receiving affection.

The sisters are extremely close and it is unusual to not see them together; they are always on the lookout if one of them decides to relocate; they like cuddling together and look after each other.

Freya and Keisha are around a year old and are looking for a forever home where they may be loved unconditionally and spend the rest of their life together.

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