The cats flocked to the street after a woman placed hundreds of handmade beds there for them to sleep on

A woman decided to set up improvised beds on the frigid street, and within seconds, hundreds of kittens rushed over to thank her for her kindness, eager to snuggle up warm.

The innocent homeless who live a life of suffering on the streets are the ones who are most impacted when big storms strike.

At that point, both homeless and stray animals are seeking for a secure spot to hide, but finding one is not always simple, and the situation just serves to remind them of how nasty life can be.

Poverty knows no bounds and makes no distinctions.

To help alleviate some of the pain, a group of kind hearts banded together in a modest initiative that is making a difference in the lives of countless kittens.

These are low-cost, simple-to-build houses that give shelter and safety for cats living on the streets. A housewife in the Yenifoça suburbs of Izmir province came up with the notion (Turkey).

Yeşim Yücel is his name, and he explained the plan he has been working on with certain members of his community in a Facebook post.

“I used silicone to bind the lips of water bottles to a sturdy board so the kittens wouldn’t get chilly.” In our garden, I spread blankets, beds, and made a cat housing. That’s an idea I saw on Facebook. It is a chilly day. “Perhaps you guys want to do it,” wrote Yeşim Yücel.

The message came with several photos that showed how basic yet comfy these shelters can be for a homeless kitty.

The bottles used by this woman are little, so they can only be used to shelter kittens, but anyone who wants to build them larger might also use them to shelter pups.

It is known that some of the woman’s neighbors decided to build some shelters, but it may be a good idea for those who are encouraged to share the findings as well.

The woman was touched to watch how the kittens raced gleefully to snuggle up as they started laying down improvised beds in the streets.

It was as if they were completely aware that it was for them, and they even purred with delight at the prospect of not having to sleep on the chilly street tonight.

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