The dog waits for its owner every day on the beach without knowing that the owner will not come back

A loyal dog stars in the purest love story that can exist and with his example has captivated a family of tourists who wanted to adopt him, but only managed to make him famous. This story comes to us from Peru, thanks to animal lover Jolie Mejia.

The mestizo dog with a silky coat, fell in love with the Peruvian during a day of fun.

Mejia and her family were visiting Punta Negra beach, a small coastal community minutes away from the woman’s home.

It seemed to be an ordinary day of sun and fun with her family, but a very cute dog approached them and stole all their attention.

Jolie saw him for the first time, while the dog was gazing at the sea.

The dog’s special posture caught the Mejia’s attention, the furry dog approached them to play and ask for some food. The family was with their pets, so the animals matched immediately.

But there was something curious about the dog, and that is that at times he would sit on the sand to just gaze at the infinite sea.

This delighted Jolie and her family.

After a couple of hours, Jolie found it strange that no one came for the dog. The dog looked great, was well fed and clean, but was also wearing a collar.

The woman didn’t think it could be a stray, but the mascot of a local who used to wander along the beach.

She was not so wrong after all, but it was not what she had imagined.

The presence of the furry one was a bit unsettling, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the walk. Jolie was waiting for someone to show up for the dog.

“He didn’t look abandoned. He was wearing a ribbon around his neck and his coat was clean. I pet him, waiting for his owner, but minutes passed and no one came,” Mejia said.

After a while, Jolie and her family got worried because it was getting close to time to go home and they didn’t want to leave the dog alone. What if it was a lost pet? At that moment, the best they could do was to contemplate the option of adopting him.

If no one showed up for him, this animal lover and her family would take him with them.

But Jolie saw a food vendor walking along the beach and decided to ask him if he didn’t know who the puppy might belong to. The answer surprised her.

“He explained that practically everyone in the area knows the dog and is very fond of it. He told us that the dog’s owner was a fisherman who passed away some time ago, and that the dog comes every day to the beach and looks out to sea,” said Mejía.

The family group was completely moved by the story; they would never have imagined that they had a real Hachiko with them.

It turned out that this dog’s loyalty was unwavering and although he hasn’t seen his owner for so long, the dog still goes to the beach every day in the hope that he will come back for him.

Apparently the owner of the furry dog was lost at sea more than a year ago and nobody knew what happened to him.

The shopkeeper explained to Jolie that the dog’s name is Vaguito, the locals named him this way because no matter how hard they have tried to keep him in a safe place, the furry dog escapes. The dog always comes back to the beach, so a woman is now his caretaker.

Together they feed him and keep him clean, and Vaguito sleeps at a woman’s house, but every day he comes back to the beach to wait for his human.

May loyalty be richly rewarded in this life! Once again a dog shows us how unconditional these faithful animals, our best friends, can be.


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