The elderly dog is unable to stand up any more, but she watches as his soldier coming home!

Time makes the heart grow fonder, it galvanises in us a need, a spark that mundanity has fizzled out.

When geography and the calendar conspires to keep loved ones apart, all it ultimately accomplishes is to fasten that unbreakable, everlasting bond.

After a while, despite the harrowing passage of time and the torturous wait, the homecoming is nothing short of spectacular.

There is nothing sweeter than watching a cherished loved one stumble into your embrace and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the fire never ebbed.

She had been months away. Training to defend our freedom. Being disciplined by the U.S. Army. Honing her skills, hoping they would never be needed, yet preparing for the worst. Her beloved dog waiting anxiously for her back at home.

He is unable to stand up, unable to motivate his limbs, but in spite of these setbacks, he still manages to display the only thing this soldier truly appreciates: love. Go to the next page to see the rest of the story.

“Despite her elderly age, she was absolutely thrilled to see me,” the belated soldier told the press. “and couldn’t even stay on her feet. I missed her dearly…”

Buddy, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever aches from perpetual bouts of arthritis. His end near, but his will to see his master even greater than the reaper’s calls. He can hardly move, hardly see, yet his inner strength is all he truly needs.

This tearjerking, tender and caring reunion, this reconciliation of family, is nothing short of Kleenex inducing. Watch below and get ready to ball your eyes out. Their tender reunion is beautiful to witness and brought us to tears.


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